Its a Cosmo Kind of Day

After missing out on the first round of the Blogmoplitan Quiz I was excited to see round two going around blogland yesterday. As a long time reader of Cosmopolitan I always have loved the quiz section so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take my own Cosmo inspired quiz!

Blogmopolitan QuizHave a great weekend everybody. The sun is out and shining here in Reykjavik so you better believe we will be taking full advantage of this spring like weather. When the sun shines in the north it really is beautiful!

And if you need a good read that makes you feel warm and fuzzy check out this article. After reading this you want to get out and do your own act of kindness!

Question of the Day?
Anyone else long time Cosmopolitan readers? What act of kindness have you witness lately?

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  • HA! As a kid I used to wish my name was anything but “Amanda”! I very badly wish I could travel for a living and not worry about money. Have a great weekend! x

    • Haha seriously there was this one older girl named Amanda in my after school program and I wanted that name so bad! I hated having such a different name than the other kids but now I love it! Have a great weekend as well;)

  • That’s such a great idea, even though I’m not much of a Cosmo reader! I can totally relate about wanting a “normal” name. I’ve got a double whammy on mine — Polly Barks! Oh, the taunts!

  • I love Cosmo too! Such a cute quiz :) I’m the same – there’s nothing I get more protective over than my family! You can say anything about me, but as soon as anyone says something about my family, I’m like grrrrrr! Yep, travel for a living is the absolute dream hey!

    • I love the Cosmo quizzes so it was a fun one to join in on! Traveling for living, one can dream right!

  • Seriously, I was crying by the time I got to the tennis ball memoial photo in that link. I’m such a sucker for this stuff. Thanks for making me smile today, and cry (tears of happy!). x

    New Post: An Attitude of Gratitude

    • Weren’t those the sweetest! I teared up as well! Good read for sure, glad you enjoyed it:)

  • Public speaking is the worst! I’m not shy whatsoever and I haaaaaaate it!

    • Seriously! No matter how many times I give a presentation I always get so nervous, and sweaty palms! The worst.

  • I read Cosmo whenever I’m in waiting rooms:) I hate presentations although I have to teach and given talks to groups of professionals as part of my job…but still don’t enjoy it. Would love to travel as a job (rather than give presentations, haha)!

    • Good for you for at least getting up there and giving presentations! I would have such a hard time if that was what I had to do for my job.

  • I’d love to be able to travel for a living! Oh, and I agree about the presentations. During my undergrad years I would drop classes if we were required to give too many presentations.

    • I use to do the same! We were required to take a speech class and I found a way to take it online so I could record my speeches at home and send them to the teacher.