A Jam Packed Weekend in Reykjavik

When our office closed on Friday and the sun was out and shining I knew it was going to be a good weekend. Reykjavik sure is beautiful when the sun shines!

Reykavik via Unlocking Kiki on Instagram

Saturday morning H and I woke up before our very early 6 am wake up call to get ready for our half marathon race. This was H’s first half marathon and we were both to pumped to sleep. After rushing around the house searching for my good luck socks we headed off for the start line in the city center of Reykjavik.

Reykavik Marathon
Around 10,000 runners participate in races on this morning ranging from a 10k, half marathon and a full marathon. This was the first time I had someone running a race with me and I was so excited to share the experience with H.

Reykavik Marathon
People were outside of their homes banging pots and pans, playing instruments, full bands playing on the sides of the streets, the crowd support was awesome! The best part of the race though was crossing the finish line 3 minutes faster than my ultimate goal time and with H right along with me.

Reykavik MarathonReykavik MarathonReykavik Marathon

The marathon on Saturday was just the first item on the agenda for Menningarnótt (Culture Day) here in Reykjavik. All over the city was live bands, performances and of course food booths. After soaking in our favorite pool we were refreshed and ready to head off to check out what events where happening downtown for Menningarnótt.

We spent the afternoon walking the extremely crowded streets with the rest of the Icelandic population checking out the different events for Menningarnótt. The mass crowds made taking any pictures a difficult task so I didn’t bring out the camera until later that night when we headed off to check out one of the several concerts happening around town.

 Menningarnótt Menningarnótt Menningarnótt
My favorite band of the night was Hjálmar, they played a great show and had everyone on their feet dancing. Check out this song, it is one of my favorite Icelandic songs!
Leiðin Okkar Allra by Hjálmar on Grooveshark

Around 11 all the concerts around the city finish and everyone hustles off to find a spot to view the firework show. H and I lucked out and had the best seats in town.


H’s Uncle was on night duty on this massive Coast Guard ship and invited us on-board for the firework show. First off just seeing the inside of the ship was amazing, add in the firework show that was basically right in front of us and it was one unforgettable night!

Reykjavik gone dark, preparing for the firework show. I love how the city lights reflect off the water.

 Menningarnótt Menningarnótt
With every firework that went off the boat seemed to shake, by far the best firework show I have ever seen!

By the end of the firework show H and I were completely beat after running the race in the morning, walking all day, and staying up way past my bedtime. But we didn’t have long to rest up for Sunday afternoon we were off again to see Justin Timberlake!

Justin Timberlake Concert
Yes, JT came to Iceland and all of Iceland went to see him. I am not kidding the area was completely packed but the concert was awesome! What a way to end the weekend.

And now it is Monday morning and I am completely exhausted. All in the name of fun.

Question of the Day?
What is the best concert you have been to? Are you a fan of firework shows?

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  • Your weekend was so happening! Love the colorful rooftops in the first photo! Have a wonderful week! :)

    • The weekend was so busy, I need another weekend to recover! I just love all the colorful houses in Reykjavik! Have a great week too!

  • Sounds like you had a pretty legendary weekend!

  • Sounds like an incredible weekend… and congrats on the half marathon… you’re officially my hero ;)

  • Your weekend was jam-packed full of fun things! That’s great that you got to go on the ship to watch the fireworks–what a neat and memorable experience.

    • It definitely made this firework show stand out more than the others!

  • Sounds amazing!!! I love concerts, you are so lucky that you live in a city where such big names come!

    • I am surprised that Justin Timberlake came here! We don’t get many big names but when we do everyone goes!

  • This sounds like such an awesome weekend. Congrats on the half marathon time. The culture day sounds amazing and those fireworks look so good.
    Laura xx

    • Thank you Laura :) The culture was really fun to experience!

  • I love firework displays! I’m sure there’s a draft post sitting with some firework pictures in it too :) Might have to dig that out now. I went to my first concert last November, to see the Imagine Dragons – it was perfect! I’ve only seen one more since then and one festival so I’m not too experienced on the best one ever haha

  • oh man! everything! congrats on beating your goal time and what an incredible way to celebrate it!

  • What an active weekend! Well done on the half marathon and finishing 3 minutes faster than your goal time! I am definitely a fan of firework displays, sounds like you got a perfect view!

    • Thank you Anna! We really had such an amazing view for the firework show!

  • Congratulations on your half marathon, I wish I had the motivation to do one! I love a good firework show too!

    • Thank you Sarah! Signing up with someone definitely helps my motivation! Firework shows should happen more often!

  • Awww… I love you two crossing the finish line together!!! :)

    • Awe thanks :) We have a few really good pictures of us crossing the finish line together, I am just glad I was able to keep up with H!

  • You two are such a cute couple! I mean doing that half marathon and finishing together, so great! and I can only imagine that all of Iceland showed up to come watch JT’s concert! I would too! He looks like such an entertainer!

    • Thank you Camila :) JT was just as good live as he sounds on the radio, and the boy can dance!

  • First of all, I love your necklace! Second, you guys are seriously adorable. Third, way to go on the half marathon! It sounds like the atmosphere was incredible!

    • Thank you Kate :) The whole weekend was just awesome!

  • Congrats on the half marathon! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!

  • Half marathon?! So cool! Congrats! Although, I’m incredibly jealous that you got to see JT. Swoooooon. Sounds like a weekend of epic proportions!

  • Damn, girl, you’ve got the hookup with the Icelandic Coast Guard? NICE!

  • Half Marathon?! You go girl!! I may have a 11 hour layover in Iceland next July, does that leave me time to do anything around the city?

    • Yes definitely! You could go into Reykjavik with the airport shuttle bus, it is about a 40-50 minute trip and explore the city. You could even do a few hours in the city and then a stop at the Blue Lagoon on your way back to the airport!

  • Reasons to Dress

    You guys are so cute. What a full day, I’m so tired for you!! To me the best part would be the cruise ship VIP treatment. Ever since that cruise ship sunk off the coast of Italy I have owed never to take another cruise vacation, but a part of me really would love to see the inside of one!

    • Thank you:) We were so tired from the day, I think I have just now recovered. I have never taken a cruise vacation before and after the cruise ship sunk off the coast of Italy I am a bit to nervous to go on one!