8 Things You Must Do in Korčula

KorčulaFor such a small island Korčula certainly packs a punch. Vineyards, beaches, the most beautiful blue water I have ever seen, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this beautiful island! These 8 must do’s are just a few reasons why I love Korčula and will be retiring there as soon as possible!

1. Fully enjoy the views on the ferry ride over

H and I traveled to Korčula from Dubrovnik by bus, which included a quick 15 minute ferry ride over to Korčula. I spent most of our bus trip trying to not throw up (thank you motion sickness) so when we arrived to the ferry I was more than happy to be outside again. Add those views on top of it, hello beautiful Croatia!


2. Admire Old Town Korčula from outside the city center

It didn’t matter what time of day it was, walking into Old Town Korčula the view was always picture perfect! I loved admiring the walls around the town, you just know your about to walk into an amazing place when there are walls around it!


3. Book an accommodation with a view

We stayed at Apartment Mia and I would recommend this accommodation to anyone going to Korčula. Great price, amazing views, and minutes away from town, it was the perfect place. I wish I was there right now enjoying my meals on the balcony, taking in the view, oh the good life.

To add to our awesome accommodation, this was the area we hung out at everyday that was basically right outside our front door, amazing.


4. Visit Marco Polo’s old stomping grounds

The photo above is what the island of Korčula claims to be the childhood home of Marco Polo. Korčula boast the fact that Marco Polo’s was from their small island but the information to support this is sketchy. Either way Korčula has several Marco Polo stores located throughout town as well as a tour of Marco Polo’s alleged childhood home. H and I didn’t take the tour but we did stop into a store to play around.


6. Wander aimlessly around the small city center

As a small town girl at heart Korčula completely won me over with there small town charm. Each street was more charming than the last, locals greeted each other like family, diners lingered at their tables fully enjoying their meals, buildings screamed with character, and it is basically impossible to get lost. My kind of place!


6. Spend a happy hour at Maksimilijan Garden

This cozy bar has the best views in town for the catching the sunset. Add in their local limoncello and wines and it is a perfect spot to grab a few drinks. H and I paired our drinks with a platter of local olives and it was amazing. If your in Korčula go to Maksimilijan Garden, end of story, your welcome.


7. Take in the Korčula nightlife

For such a small town Korčula comes to life at night! Street performers, tons of wonderful live music, and if your lucky you will stumble upon a wine festival in one of the town squares.

KorčulaKorčulaKorčulaWine Festival, Croatia Korčula

8. Rent bikes and go exploring

Lumbarda, Croatia
Hopefully your not too hung over from your night on the town because you won’t want to skip this adventure. H and I rented bikes for a day and it was a great way to see new parts of the island. We rode through vineyards, discovered new beaches, and took in the views of the stunning blue water. It was one of our favorite days on the island, just take a look at some of the places we saw that day.

Lumbarda, Croatia Korcula
The water in Croatia is some of the bluest I have seen and Korčula’s shoreline does an excellent job of showing it off. I had to stop constantly to take pictures, I was just amazed by the water!

Will someone please go to Korčula and go out on the submarine! H and I saw this little red submarine everywhere and our curiosity grew every time we saw it. I was a bit to chicken to go out in the submarine but I really want to hear from someone who has experienced it!

And lastly, the view that stole the show on our bike riding adventure.


Korčula I expected very little from you and you blew my socks off. The most charming little island, we will be back!

Question of the Day?
Have you ever traveled somewhere that surprised you? Are you a small town or big city kind of person?

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  • These pictures are perfection! X

  • Oh my…. this place looks breathtaking!! I thought I’d had enough of planes for a while, but I would jump on one RIGHT NOW if it meant I got to go and see sights like these. I’ve literally been home 2 days and you’re making me want to leave again already!

    • Just going through my pictures for this post made me want to be back there right now as well!

  • Urska

    I love Korčula! These photos make me want to go there right now!

    • It is one of my favorite places I have ever traveled to!

  • Ohhhh my gosh. What a perfect little place! I too LOVE small towns so I know I’d definitely be a very happy camper there. Gorgeous!

    • I love small towns as well, it was such a beautiful place! I wish we stayed there longer!

  • So jealous of those views! Croatia looks amazing. I love small towns, they are so quaint and you can really get a feel for the local culture. I just moved to Germany from Canada. I am living in a small town and loving it!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and really enjoy reading about your experiences in Iceland and as an expat. I can already relate to a lot of the expat-related problems you write about, haha!

    • Thanks Sara, and welcome to expat life! I hope your settling in nicely in your new home!

      • Thanks so much!

  • …Ah, Mediterranean paradise–take me there!!…

  • We only stayed there for an afternoon during our Dubrovnik holiday but it was so lovely! I just love Croatia so much! It’s so beautiful!

  • Sending this to my friend who just moved to Croatia, I bet she’ll love this!

    • Yes! When you visit your friend you guys will have to go here!

  • Ohmygoodness, Croatia is beautiful! The water is SO blue and looks so clean!! I love the little alleyways… that’s one of my favorite things about Venice! I can’t believe how alive the city comes at night – how fun!! Your view was to die for!!

    • The water was so blue! And yes, I loved exploring the little streets in Venice, I am a sucker for charming little streets.

  • I love wandering little islands. So much fun!

  • Wow! Between you and Chasing the Donkey, I think we’re being convinced that Croatia should be our next vacation!

    • Yes! Croatia should be your next destination for sure!

  • So beautiful!!!

    • It was so beautiful, definitely surprised with how amazing Korcula was!

  • Wow, so beautiful! What amazing views. I love renting bikes whenever I visit a new city, I feel like you get to see more of the city that way.

    • I agree, you get to see so much more of the city and it is much quicker:)

  • I love that black and white photo up there. I love a lot of the other photos too, but that’s my fav. I like my small towns to live, but I do like to go to the big city every now and then. I dunno, I like a bit of everything :)

    Blue water amazes me too! I love seeing it.

  • ami@naivecookcooks

    Girl, all these pics want me to visit Croatia asap! I recently stayed in NY for ten days in an airbnb apartment. Was great experience!

  • The water. I could honestly stare at it for hours! So clear and blue!!!!!!! That tiny little cozy bar looks dreamy, too!

  • Oh my gosh! Those views are amazing. What a great adventure. Marco Polo’s stomping grounds?! How amazing.

  • Wow – what a great list! I had no idea there was so much to do in Korcula. I love your photographs, especilaly of those beautiful pink flowers – and you with the straw! Thanks for sharing :)

    • We had no idea there was that much to do in Korcula either! Was such a nice surprise :)

  • This looks so amazing. Wonderful photos!! I will be picking your brain if we ever get to plan a trip to Croatia!!

    • Yes! I hope you guys do make it to Croatia, Greece was as great choice too :)

  • Marco Polo! I think most small towns try to claim some famous person was from there and draw on it. There’s like five towns around us that claim Guy Fawkes had ties there.

    • They totally do! Ha, it was amazing how many Marco Polo stores they had!

  • Wow I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live on such a beautiful island with a house on the side of that water! It does look so charming! And I love that view you had from your balcony – amazing!

    • I know, life must just be amazing on the island! And our balcony was my favorite part, I loved early mornings out there and enjoying all our meals with that view!

  • Korcula Explorer

    Fantastic photos! Looks like you really made the most of your time on the beautiful island. Hope you’ll be back to visit Korcula again in the future, just for the blue sea! :)

    • Thank you, we loved Korcula and hope to be back in the future!

  • Isn’t Croatia just the most fantastic place to be in summer? Your photos really capture Korcula’s beauty, and you look pretty happy and relaxed!
    Claire xx

    • It was so fantastic! Thank you, Korcula was amazing we loved every minute there.

  • SOOO gorgeous. I absolutely have to visit there sometime – this is a totally lame question but do you think it’s safe/a good place to bring a small child? Obviously, I won’t be taking her out to party in the streets (she can stay at the hotel with her dad =) ) but just in general?

    I’ve been trying to visit your blog all week! For some reason, when ever I visit using safari it puts your content so far to the right with no scroll bar! I think my computer is up to something (or has anyone else had a prob?)

    • I think Korcula especially would be totally perfect for a small child. Hvar was another island we visited and that was definitely a party island. Ahh oh no I wonder why that is happening, I will look into it, I haven’t heard from anyone else but thanks for letting me know. And thanks for sticking it out and still stopping by!

  • What an absolute dream. I love that photo of you drinking wine. I can’t wait to have a wine when I’m in Iceland with you! ;)

    • I can’t wait for November to get here! We will need lots of wine to keep warm since the Icelandic winter will be in full swing :)

  • It’s been such a long time since I’ve been back in the blogging world BUT OH MY GOODNESS lots of comments on here and a new makeover for the blog ( I think!) It looks so gorgeous. I can’t even handle the beauty of the photos…and um. THE WINE. Get out of here with the wine. I miss wine so much…we do have some here in Korea. It’s just expensive and limited options. I think Korea surprised me a lot with it’s beauty and I am a in betweener. LOL. I like a small town vibe, with big town amenities. You know what I mean?! I don’t like big city feel with all the buildings, but I love options for live music, good wine, beautiful views. Maybe like a small city of like 400,000 is a good fit?!? Anyways- LOVELY photos!!! Looked like an incredible time.

    • Thanks so much Elicia, glad to see you back! Wine is expensive here as well, which makes me sad and miss the two dollar bottles of wine back home! I agree with you about the small town vibe with big town amenities, it would be the perfect mix!

  • This place looks gorgeous! Makes me longing to go to Croatia! :)

    • Croatia was more gorgeous than I ever imagined, we loved our time there!

  • It’s so beautiful! I wanna go :) I’ve heard of that place but did not realize it was an island haha. It is OFFICIALLY on my list! That water is almost TOO blue…it almost looks fake! It looks like you had an amazing time there and I can’t wait to hear more about Croatia :)

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  • Hey lady! Just perusing your Croatia posts, trying to get a plan going for this summer :) Which place was your fave spot?? I think we may doing the same….Dubrovnik, Korcula and Hvar…and possibly Split :)

    • Hey! You guys are going to love Croatia! My favorite spot for sure was Korcula. There is not much to do in Dubrovnik and our two days there was a perfect amount of time. Hvar was a nice place to see but it was mainly just a big party spot. We had four days there and in Korcula and wished we had just stayed on Korcula and done a day or two in Hvar. And lastly Split, I think it was a nice place to see but it was more just a city to me and I liked the smaller islands.

      I loved Korcula because our accommodation was awesome but the small town was so charming and not overwhelming packed as many people just come for a day visit and leave. It was awesome being able to visit the vineyards as well. Let me know if you have any more questions!

      • Awesome! Yeah, Korcula looks like the best place to chill and it looks like a postcard! Did you rent an apartment? I have been looking at Airbnb and it seems there is a lot to choose from. And yeah, I think we will fly into Dubrovnik and stay for 2 nights to explore and get accustomed to Croatia and then head to Korcula. Thanks so much for the info! I may have more questions as I start getting plans nailed down :)

        • We didn’t rent an apartment, we used hostelbookers and stayed at Apartment Mia. It was nothing fancy but had an amazing balcony on our room,a kitchen area and it was a few minute walk down to the water which we loved. I bet you can find some amazing places to stay there though for a great price, you guys are going to love it!

          • So without even trying…I think we are staying at an apartment right in front of where you stayed!! I see Apartment Mia on the map right behind it ;) I will tag you in an Instagram when we get there so you can relive it :) I can’t wait!!

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  • Natasha Sharma

    we ( 3 couples) are travelling to Croatia in May 2016 and we have 1 week ( we are also travelling with my 10 month old ( he is now 4 months)
    We would land in Dubrovnik . Is 2 or 3 nights enough ?
    Then we would continue to Korcula ? 2 nights enough?
    Then continue to Hvar or Bol ? Not sure ? Have you travelled there ? Best and cheapest way is by ferry?
    Last destination is Split for 1-2 nights. ( is that enough?)
    As we are travelling with a toddler , it’s easier for us not to move too much around. so any suggestions would be grateful.

    Also, is food and eating out cheap ? Alcohol ? Groceries ? Ferry transfer ?


    • Hi! We stayed in Dubrovnik two nights and thought it was more than enough. We were in Korcula for 3, it is a more relaxed stop and we loved it and would have stayed longer. We then went to Hvar for three days and that is a good stop if you are interested in partying, for us it was not our favorite. I would say Korcula was the most family friendly, and if you get a good accomodation it is a beautiful place to stay for many days:) Enjoy!

  • Natasha Sharma

    Thx for the reply . We have 7 nights so between Hvar and split which is better to stay ? ( our partying days are over )
    We just want to take it easy and explore

  • Natasha Sharma

    Also , what about cost of food and restaurant ?
    With which company did u rent the bikes ?

  • Tijana Popović

    Korcula is my second home . I’m proud of it and I recommend everyone to visit the most beautiful island in the Adriatic Sea

  • lovely post! I have yet to visit it!:)

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