Hiking Around Landmannalaugar, Iceland

You know those beautiful photos you see in travel brochures that you spend your working hours daydreaming about? Those pictures that show beaches with stunning blue water and mountains with colors dancing all over them. You can hardly wait to see these places for yourself, but when you finally arrive your left disappointed when the view is not as stunning as the pictures promised.

Well Landmannalaugar is not one of those places! Pictures can not do this place justice, it is beyond beautiful!

As you drive the bumpy gravel road an hour back in between the beautiful mountains you see a range of rich vibrant colors that looked as if they had been painted. When you arrive in the valley you are greeted with dozens of tents set up, people relaxing in the hot spring after a long day of hiking, and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you have just wandered into a small happy community complete with a small shop inside an old school bus.

There are several different hiking trails that you can choice from in the area. We arrived late in the day after our change in plans so we opted to do a quick walk up what is called the Blue Peak.

Do you see the turquoise and blue colors in the mountain? The further up you climb the wider the range of colors you see, from browns to pink, green to black, the colors are stunning. I seriously could not get over the different colors in Landmannalaugar!

Stunning right? Sadly we never made it to the top of this path as the weather began to have other things in mind (like a rain/wind storm), but just in our short climb we were able to see some amazing views. If you only have a short time to spend in the area I recommend choosing this path as it gives you a great view of the whole area.

An added bonus to the beautiful landscape is the adorable furry friends you will find wandering around.

The Icelandic horses are always my favorite, they are so cute and friendly. If you are a horse lover you can even rent horses at Landmannalaugar and go riding on certain trails around the area. H had to drag me away from these guys, I just wanted to take them home with me they were so adorable.

LandmannalaugarNext time I go to Landmannalaugar I will be pitching my tent in the middle of the camp area and spending my days hiking and my nights soaking in the hot spring!

If you are a hiking enthusiast visit Iceland right now and check out Landmannalaugar!


Question of the Day?
Have you ever been disappointed with a place after seeing pictures? Are you a fan of hiking?

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  • Phoebe Thomas

    I loved seeing your photos of Landmannalaugur and have to admit to being a little jealous of your trip there as it was the one thing on my list for my trip to Iceland that I didn’t get to do. I really wanted to get there as I remembered it from my childhood but the weather was so bad for 12 of our 14 days that we decided not to rent a 4×4 to get there and just concentrate on easier to get to places. Didn’t seem much point in going there when the cloud cover was so low that there were no views to be seen! Next time!

    • Next time for sure! I was so worried we would have bad weather as well but we got really lucky. Such a beautiful area.

  • I was in Iceland a few months ago, and these pictures make me want to go back more than I already did. I can’t wait to return someday and explore more of the country. What a magical place!

    • It really is such a magical place I am glad you enjoyed your time here!

  • Okay, Iceland must just be the most beautiful place in the entire world! x

    • Some days I really think that! So many naturally beautiful places here!

  • you guys are just so adorable! what a beautiful hike!

  • Stunning! Is it near Reykjavik or in another part of the country? Definitely am a sucker for all of Iceland’s friendly animals :)

    • It is about a two hour drive from Reykjavik into the highlands in the country. I just love the Icelandic horse!

  • What a fabulous hike!!

    • It really was an amazing hike. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the area!

  • such a gorgeous place and the unique colors are so cool. and that school bus store is so cute!

    • The colors were just unreal! I loved the feel of the area as well, looked like a fun place to camp out and hike around!

  • Oh, is it possible to find a place in Iceland that would disappoint? :) I really enjoy hiking, and now that we have settled to Finland for the time being, I’m looking forward to discovering our nearby nature trails!

    • Exactly what I think, so far I have yet to find a place in Iceland that has disappointed me! Are there a lot of hiking trails in your area? I love exploring new places hiking.

      • I haven’t had the chance to explore the trails here yet, but I suspect there is quite the selection, hopefully with sea view to boot!

  • Beautiful pictures! Iceland was never a place I was particularly interested to go to (I’m not the most outdoorsy, sporty person) but after I visited last year, I fell in love! What a gorgeous, diverse landscape! And there’s so much to go back to discover – although I was in the south part of the island, I didn’t make it to Landmannalaugar. Just have to go back :-)

    • I don’t know if Iceland would have ever really been on my list of places either if I hadn’t met an Icelandic man! The landscape here is truly amazing, there is so much left to discover I can’t wait to see more of the places in this beautiful country!

  • Wow! Iceland seems like just the most beautiful country. Every single one of your posts make me want to go there even more!

    • I have yet to be disappointed by a place I have seen in Iceland, they have all been so beautiful!

  • The first picture is the BEST! you should print it and hang it somewhere, but like big!

  • Awww, the ponies are adorable!

  • I’m not much of a hiking fan but those views look worth it!

    • I may complain a bit while hiking up but the views usually make it totally worth it :)

  • Oh my gosh, so often I am disappointed with pictures! But I mean this seems to be the exact opposite! Your pictures seem unreal, they look like pictures or paintings even because of the colours and the texture of the mountains! Gorgeous!

    • Thank you! Yes I couldn’t stop saying how it looked like the mountains had been painted, the colors were so beautiful!

  • I’m not a fan of hiking but I’d definitely make an exception to visit Landmannalaugar! The first photo of your post is just stunning. I love when I’m filled with that feeling of awe upon finding incredible views. It just makes you so appreciative that you have the opportunity to travel, ya know? Sometimes I get frustrated with myself/my camera if I can’t capture something the way I want to but that’s when I make a point of taking a quiet moment to myself, taking a “mental picture”, and just being present in the moment.

    • Isn’t that feeling of awe wonderful. I am not to good with my camera skills just yet but H always captures the moment so nicely. Mental pictures are so important, too often I think we just rush through and take pictures without really just taking a moment to soak it in!

  • Amazing scenery, and your pictures do it justice.

  • wow – stunning! and a little bit cold? I have a friend who lived on Iceland for a bit and really loved the photos with sunlight because the light is amazing – just like on your first photo. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Definitely a bit cold, to often it usually is cold unless you are blocked from the wind! But it was so beautiful so the cold air was made up for:)

  • Your first picture especially looks like you guys are photoshoped onto a screensaver background! How beautiful! And yes, hiking is totally my jam, so more and more I am convinced that I need to spend some time in Iceland!

    • I think we should print the first picture and use it as postcards! Iceland would totally be your jam if you like hiking!

  • Wow, amazing photos! Looks surreal.

  • Your photos look like postcards….. amazing! Looks like a wonderful place to hike.

    • It was an amazing place to hike, I want to go back and explore more of the area now!

  • Wow it looks incredible there. I am a big fan of hiking, or tramping as we call it in New Zealand. My parents brought me up doing loads of day and short-tramps, and we are lucky in NZ to have many beautiful places to explore on our back door-step!

    • First off love that it is called tramping, I think I need to start that over here in Iceland! And NZ is high on my list to visit, it looks amazingly beautiful!

  • what the waaaaat! that first photo looks super imposed and most of these shots could be paintings. unbelievable!

    • I felt like those colors had to be painted onto the mountains! So beautiful.

  • Dayum girl!

  • This places looks awesome! I really love places that allow you to pitch your tent and stay there, I just makes it feel like a super cool adventure! So many colours and so much view!

    I was going to say, I’ve not been disappointed in a place before seeing photos but I think it depends on the photos I look at. I find, when you see a place, like now, that someone has shared with you, the photos are a lot more realistic and then I get really excited about a place. But, sometimes I like to check Google and they can be fancy over edited touristy photos and then I end up disappointed, like on Saturday when we headed to Liege. In the photos, looked nice, in reality kind of poop.

    • I agree, it depends on the photos you see. H never wants to look at pictures of places we are about to travel to so he can be surprised and I am starting to do that to. Makes it more of an adventure :)

  • I love hiking, but there’s not so much uphill around Stockholm so I’m a bit limited at the moment! Those photos are spectacular – it looks like another planet!! Underlining my ‘Visit Iceland’ bucket list entry!!

    • Yes, Iceland would be the perfect place for you to hike around!

  • Gorgeous – you should have stolen a pony and ridden away into the sunset :)

  • Icelandic horses are so beautiful! These pictures are amazing!

    • The Icelandic horses are just so cute I love when we seeing them out in the countryside!

  • So beautiful! It looks like a picture perfect postcard! I’m with you – pitching a tent and spending the day hiking and nights in the hot springs sounds amazing! And those Icelandic horses are soooo cute!

    • I think I will have to plan a trip out there next summer so I can camp out and fully enjoy the area!

  • I feel like all your posts are like a travel magazine! I think I’ve def picked the wrong country to move to. Mountains, waterfalls and rolling hills are my jam.

  • I’ve been interested in visiting Iceland, and came across your blog! All photos are so beautiful :)

    • Thank you and welcome:) Iceland really is beautiful I hope you get to visit!

  • Each time I read your posts I am stunned by how beautiful Iceland is. Those mountains are incredible

    • I feel the same way every time I explore somewhere new in Iceland. Is always so beautiful!

  • Wow it’s amazing, as usual. Iceland just seems unreal to me–so gorgeous! I would want to build a tiny house right above that view ;)

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  • Alie

    Do you need a 4×4 car to drive into Landmannalaugar? We are planning to rent a car and would love to see this, but I’m not sure if the rental car will make it! :) Thanks!!

    • Hi! Yes, a 4×4 is a must for driving in Landmannalaugar. Especially this year as there is a lot of snow still back there. I know they have special buses that take people back there that might be an option?

  • D J Kluge

    Your photos are amazing… We are coming to Iceland this summer for 5 days. Is this hike reachable from the Golden Circle Road?

    • This area is in the highlands of Iceland so it is a bit of a ways off the Golden Circle Road but definitely reachable and beautiful!

  • Lacie Clark

    Hi!!!! I love your blog! Are the different hiking trails in Landmannalaugar well marked? We are thinking of doing this hike that you did and then a couple other ones. Are the starting points for the hikes in the area around where all the tents are?

    • Thanks so much for reading!! The hiking trails in Landmannalaugar are well marked. The trails start in the valley where the tents are so you can go off on one of the trails from there:)

  • walkerembrey

    I have a day to hike the area in early August and cannot find much information on any of the day hikes. Do they have any hikes other than the blue one?

    • They have several hiking trails in the area that are well marked, I don’t know of a website that lists them though I will see if I can find anything :)