Turning a Negative into a Positive

First off thank you all so much for all the kind words and tips you all shared with me yesterday. Writing yesterday’s post and actually hitting publish was completely out of my comfort zone. I was beyond nervous to share those feelings but I am so glad I did. Big hugs to you all for the wonderful comments!


I think its important to share the experience, bad days and all, because the truth is my life is not all beautiful travel photos and fun adventures. I have many of my own real life issues and sometimes you just have to talk about them.

So while I am feeling much better about things I know I am on this expat roller coaster and these emotions are to be expected from time to time.

New girl source

All of the positive energy sent my way yesterday boosted my spirits and made me rethink some of my negative thoughts I have been having lately. So to kick this funk and start the weekend off on a positive note I am taking some advice from my parents and finding the positive in the negatives. Lets get to it.

Negative: I miss my sisters
Positive: I don’t have to worry about any of my clothes going missing

Negative: Riding my bike to work in the wind
Positive: I get to have these views everyday on my way to work

Mountain Views

Negative: I miss my girlfriends
Positive: Last night I met with my bookclub and I spent the night laughing away with some wonderful ladies. Meeting women from all over the world and building friendships with them is truly one of the wonderful things about living abroad.

Negative: I miss Azora
Positive: I don’t have to worry about any of my personal belongings getting chewed up. BTW Azora says she is really sorry about the shoes Mom!


Negative: No dryer
Positive: I never worry about my clothes shrinking in the wash

Negative: Grocery Shopping
Positive: The amount of impulse purchases has significantly decreased. And I am so grateful for little processed foods in the stores and more real whole foods.

Negative: Not talking to family back at home as often as I want
Positive: I know they are all going to start missing me so much that they will buy a ticket and come visit me:)

And to you all that are having similar feelings as me, I hope you can find some positives in the negatives! If not just put your party hat on and smile anyways because its the weekend!

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Question of the Day?
What is some positive things happening in your life?

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  • http://guntersabroad.blogspot.com/ Jamie @ Gunters Abroad

    Girl…I was totally feeling your pain yesterday! I think we just have those days (sometimes a few in a row) where we just feel down and miss our comforts. But yay for the positive side of things!!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I agree I think some days will just be hard and others will be easier! Looking at the positive side of things helps sometimes. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • http://esthernovich.blogspot.com.es/ esthernovich

    I´m glad you worked those feelings out. I agree that sometimes you just have to let it out, it´s good for the soul.
    But today is friday!! so what could be more positive than that? :)

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I agree, can’t be negative when its the weekend!

  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    What a great idea for a post to help you turn onto the positive path! I am feeling positive I have already worked out for the day and now can just sit and enjoy my coffee and read blogs!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Yes getting my work out in always makes me feel better so great job!

  • http://tothedayslikethis.blogspot.co.uk/ Sammy Dorn

    Love this. Such a great way to look at life. I am with you on the people missing you so they will come and visit. I have a group of friends coming in September and I can’t wait :D

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Thanks so much:) That is so exciting it is always great to have people from home come visit so I am sure you will have a blast!

  • http://www.rhymeandribbons.com/ Amanda

    Hurray for positivity! And not having a dryer helps save on your energy bill :) (That’s what I tell myself in that specific case) Happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend. x

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Lucky for me our energy bill and water bill are only about 20 dollars a month thanks to the awesome geothermal energy here in Iceland. But thats another positive to focus on;) Have a great weekend too!

  • Jessica Shannon

    You had a great positive attitude! I love the one about your family missing you and coming to visit, I hope that happens for you soon!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I hope so to! Thanks so much have a great weekend;)

  • http://tidethatleft.blogspot.co.uk/ Amy @ the tide that left

    I love this. Turning negatives into positives can be so hard, but you have to try for your own sanity, don’t you? I’ve been an expat for 4 years and I still get bad days/weeks etc. Last week was pretty crappy, but I thought about what I could do to change it and things have started to improve. I hope you’re feeling much better soon. x

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I agree, even though sometimes I would rather complain about something finding the positive in it always helps. Hope you have a great weekend:)

  • http://bristolinmypocket.blogspot.co.uk/ Sara Rose

    This is such a cute post! Plus anything with a New Girl gif makes it 10x more amazing!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Right! Totally agree I love New Girl!

  • http://www.diariesofanessexgirl.com/ Kate Hall

    This is how I cope with feelings of homesickness too, the best thing to do is put a positive spin on your negative feelings! It also helps to write about, so you are absolutely nailing it :).

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I agree, writing and putting a positive spin on things are so helpful when dealing with homesickness:)

  • http://confuzzledom.wordpress.com/ bevchen

    YAY, it works again :-)

    I love the first one… my sister always steals my clothes. Even when I’m just visiting, half the time she’ll ask to borrow stuff!!

    Another positive for the dryer situation… you can feel good about being environmentally friendly ;-)

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Yay, so sorry for the issues early, not sure what was going on! Ha the joys of having sisters, you get access to their closet but then they have access to yours!

  • http://www.chicadeedee.com/ Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    We have a washer dryer combo, I don’t know which is worse, not having a dryer at all, or having one that scrunches and balls your clothes up, doesn’t properly dry them, and meaning you have to hang them up anyway. It’s just teasing me haha.

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Haha, I had one of those in college and I was always getting so frustrated with it!

  • http://ifsandsandbutts.com/ Alex

    These positive spins are what will keep you sane abroad – it is so hard being away but it gets easier and easier. Now, I refer to both places as home and people aren’t sure which I’m talking about when I say “on the way home”.

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Positive spins I agree are necessary to keep your sanity when abroad. The longer that I am here the easier it gets so I am hoping that pattern continues!

  • http://www.notentirelyperfect.com/ Stephanie

    Heck even I’m about to buy a ticket and come visit you! Those views!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Yes get on over here its beautiful!

  • BlushandBarbells

    Hang in there, girlfriend. Living abroad does get easier the longer you do it.

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Thanks so much! I know the first few months are the hardest so i am hanging on!

  • http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com/ Whitney @ EHFAR

    I totally agree!! I’m try to see a positive in everything even in a negative situation. I even wrote about this same topic this week :-)

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I think the winter weather is making us all have to work a bit harder to see the positive spin on things. Helps so much though trying to find the positive in the negative!

  • http://www.lifeinprogress.ca/ Kathy@Vodka and Soda

    OMG that birkenstock!!!!! poor shoe.

    so glad that you’re turning negatives into positives. at least no more chewed up shoes, right?

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      I know, naughty dog! No more chewed up shoes, purses, anything on the ground is amazing!

  • http://weiderjl.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    I would totally not mind having that view on the way to work! Also, good for you for looking for the positives, I think that makes all the difference in the experiences you have.

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      It always makes me smile on my morning commute so beautiful. I agree, trying to focus on the positives helps so much!

  • http://voyageofthemeemee.com/ Amanda MeeMee

    There you go, girl! There’s always a silver lining! ;)

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Agreed, glass half full kinda attitude!

  • http://www.ameliorerlavie.blogspot.com/ Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie

    This is a great way to look at things! I’m going to try this out the next time I have some negative thoughts.

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      It really helps, especially when I want to just pout about things I am down on trying to find the positive twist of it makes me shake out of it!

  • http://agirlandhertravels.com/ Polly

    Great idea — and great final picture!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Thanks! Getting my party hat ready for the weekend;)

  • http://cindi-keller.com/ Cindi Keller

    Great way to change the outlook and anticipate the weekend! “No dryer” and “grocery shopping” in particular resonate with me. (Not only will your clothes not shrink … they last longer, too!)

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Very true, my clothes are in much better shape not drying them all the time!

  • http://sophieinclogs.wordpress.com/ Sophie

    What a positive post and lovely idea! Need to keep this tactic in mind next time I’m cursing the rain or whatever it is that’s got me down that day. Also 100% agree about the processed foods – maybe less exciting but so much healthier!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Yes! It helps so much to keep a positive outlook on things! I agree, while grocery shopping isn’t to exciting here it is so much healthier and I will take that anyday!

  • http://busyburt.blogspot.com/ Charlotte B

    Sorry for commenting so much on your blog last week. I kind of just had a little stalk and couldn’t help comment to keep motivating you! It’s hard moving so far away from home and time difference is a bugger when you want to talk to your family but everyone gets good days and bad days. Just take each day as it come and work through it. Head up poppet! Kisses from Marbella

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Saying sorry for comments, totally not necessary I appreciate every one! Blogging won’t stop thats for sure, and that post went out there from a collection of thoughts over the last few weeks so just getting it all out there made me feel a thousand times better as well. Keeping it real over here with the bad days and all:) Thanks so much for all the support! And I love the Pirates of the Caribbean reference at the end! xo

  • http://www.ivorypomegranate.com/ Kirstin Schrier

    I’ve found that a great way to encourage friends and family to visit is to first move somewhere really REALLY far away, and then when you move closer (Iceland is what, a four-hour flight from the East Coast?) everybody will jump at the opportunity to see you!

    • http://unlockingkiki.com/ Kaelene Spence

      Yes great plan. It is only a four hour flight from the east coast but I am from the west coast so a bit further :( But even then it is only a 7 hours flight so not to bad.