From Zürich to the Swiss Alps


After leaving Paris on our very early train ride we arrived in Zürich, Switzerland to some dreary rainy weather. We only had one full day in the city though so we weren’t going to let some rain slow us down.


As we left the train station in search of our hotel room we were greeted by the circus. We of course had to walk around this area a bit, I am sure we looked like quite the pair walking around with our huge backpacks on.

Swiss CircueSwiss Circus
Our search for our hotel proved to not be any easier than when we were in Paris. When we finally did find our hotel we were greeted with a very orange room.

Orange Room
After dropping our bags off in our orange room and a quick power nap we headed out to explore. The rain hadn’t slowed down at all though so I will say this was not the most fun day of travel. And of course I hadn’t really packed clothes to keep me warm on stormy days since most of our trip was in warmer climates. I solved the issue by wearing all my clothes at once which was super stylish. #travelerproblems

We made the most of the day though and I loved exploring the adorable streets of Zürich. H was of course in charge of the map.

H in SwissZürichZürichZürich
One thing we quickly learned on our first day was that food in Zürich is expensive, I mean really expensive. The only real meal we purchased during our two days there was some pad thai, which was the cheapest we found at $25 dollars a plate!

Lesson learned on that one. After filling up on our one meal we called it a night and headed back to our hotel. Lucky for us we had the circus lighting the way.

On our second day we only had the morning to wander around before our train to our next stop was leaving. At least the weather was a bit nicer so it was much more pleasant to be out exploring.

Zürich is not the biggest city to walk around so by noon we were a bit over it and ready to move on to the next stop. We were sure though to use our time wisely by indulging in some of the best chocolate and pretzels that I have ever had.

ZurichSwiss Chocolate
I am still dreaming about that pretzel! We made sure to buy some chocolate to go, although most of it was gone by the time our train even arrived. Our train stop was easily found by this large flying woman.

Zurich Train Station
The train ride was my favorite part of our time in Switzerland. Even though I had a “me scuzi” situation, euro trip anyone? It was tough to not bust up laughing every time H and I made eye contact. It was a long train ride sitting very close to someone I did not know.

The views made up for being uncomfortable though, they were just amazing. Our blurry train window pictures don’t even show how beautiful it was but just take my word and use your imagination.

Next time I visit Switzerland I will have to get out of the city and explore the countryside more it looks absolutely beautiful.

After leaving the gorgeous Swiss Alps we arrived to our next destination, Milan! Tune in next week to hear how I got kicked out of my first Italian church.

Question of the Day?
What do you do when you have rainy days when traveling?

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  • Amanda

    I taught a theatre workshop in Zurich around this time of year two years ago, so I recognised lots of the street corners and alleys right away! I spent pretty much my entire Zurich budget in the Sprungli chocolate store…. x

    • Kaelene Spence

      Wow how interesting, that sounds like such a great experience. I loved those little streets and that chocolate store, so good!

  • Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    We went to Berne in Switzerland and I just could not get over how expensive it was for food! Insane. We were glad we were spending pounds instead of dollars for sure. It’s the most expensive country I’ve ever been to, but soooo pretty!

    • Kaelene Spence

      I know right, I basically ate oatmeal for the rest of our time in the country! So pretty but so expensive!

  • bevchen

    Yeah, Switzerland is generally pretty expensive.

    The only places I’ve been in Zurich are the train station and the airport! Your photos tell me that I should really arrange a proper visit – it looks gorgeous.

    • Kaelene Spence

      It really is so gorgeous, I need to go back for a proper visit as well.

  • esthernovich

    yay for Travel Wednesdays!!
    If I travel to Zurich some day I´ll make sure and stop at that chocolate store, can you say yummm???

    • Kaelene Spence

      Yay so glad you enjoy Travel Wednesdays! Yes that chocolate store is so good!

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    Hi Kiki! Wow, I’ve always wanted to go to Zurich! I had no idea it was so expensive though – yikes! The city looks beautiful, but I’ll definitely remember when I go there to get out in the countryside. Those views from the train look seriously incredible! Your European adventures sound so amazing. That’s definitely where I’ll be saving for next!

    • Kaelene Spence

      Yes I think a European adventure needs to happen for you guys, you would love it!

  • Travel & Lust

    Nice blog post Kiki! Although Zurich is expensive, It´s a one of a kind place to be. The chocolate and some country-side sight seeing makes it more than worth it.

    • Kaelene Spence

      Thank you. I agree even though it is expensive the countryside was so beautiful I am so glad I got to visit.

  • Alex

    Zurich is SO expensive, well – all of Switzerland is really, but the countryside is incredibly worth it! I just love Interlaken, Lucerne and the surrounding areas. I feel so lucky to be only 2 hours away from Switz!

    • Kaelene Spence

      Yes your so lucky just 2 hours away! I wish I wasn’t so far away from the rest of Europe up here on our little island. Switzerland is so beautiful though I need to go back and explore more of the countryside.

  • Van Berry

    I’ve seen a large part of Switzerland….through a train window on my way from Germany to Lyon, France :D But it was really nice. I guess Switzerland is one of the best countries to travel by train just because of the nice view on the Alps and the Lake Geneva if you pass it….and if I may say this: I don’t know you but you and H are a really cute couple on the photos! ;)

    • Kaelene Spence

      I agree, our train ride was so beautiful. Well thank you:)

  • Jenn

    When in doubt … eat! I can’t wait to hear your story about Milan

    • Kaelene Spence

      Agreed, never can go wrong with some tasty treats:)

  • Kathy@Vodka and Soda

    GORGEOUS PICS!!! i’ve always wanted to visit switzerland. damn, there are so many places i want to visit!

    Vodka and Soda</a

    • Kaelene Spence

      Thank you! Yest Switzerland was high on my list as I have a lot of family from there, so beautiful.

  • Sammy Dorn

    Great pics! I really loved Switzerland when I visited. I would say on a rainy day I need some sort of coat with a hood to protect my head!

    • Kaelene Spence

      I was really wishing I had my coat when we were walking around that day. At least the next day we were in the very warm Italy so it worked out. I am really glad we got to stop in Switzerland though, even if it was just for a quick day.

  • Rachel Murphree

    Haha, that pretzel looks amazing. The country side does look amazing! When it comes to rainy days, I just grin and bear it, and take an umbrella. Or sometimes I relax a little in the hotel room if it’s just a small storm. :)

    • Kaelene Spence

      That pretzel was amazing! Yes I was up for a nap in the hotel but we powered through the rain, at least we had yummy chocolate to fuel us:)

  • Jessica – Independent Travel C

    I’ve been to Switzerland twice and never stopped in Zurich. It looks pretty and clean like most of Switzerland and those pretzels look yummy! We’ve avoided it because it is so expensive. As you found out, it is one of the most expensive places in Europe.

    Rainy days? Museums are always good, but we try to just pull on our hoods, open our umbrellas, and don our ponchos and stick to whatever we had planned:) We actually encountered a freak snowstorm on our last trip to Switzerland (in May) and had to make effective use of duct tape and plastic bags:)

    • Kaelene Spence

      Museums are my favorite places to visit on a rainy day. So glad we had just a rain storm and not a snow storm when we were in Switzerland! Quick thinking though, duct tape is useful for everything!

  • Kahleel

    I’m going to have to put Switzerland on my radar for travel destinations. I’ve never thought about it but I love your photos.

    • Kaelene Spence

      Switzerland is so beautiful! I am glad you liked my photos;)

  • Kim

    I went to Lucerne and Switzerland is absolutely a country I’d love to go back to. You’re right, pictures don’t do it justice. You’re also right that mannnn oh mann is switzerland expensive. I think all I ate when I was there was salami sandwiches! hahah

    • Kaelene Spence

      Haha it sounds like us we were not about to spend all the money just on food!

  • Rima Sagala

    Browsing around your blog for Iceland stuff and lo and behold I see Zurich :) Indeed Switzerland in general is expensive. I’ve been to Zurich a couple of times (the Man lives there. Eek), so seeing your Z pictures makes me miss it. Good thing I will be there in Feb, after my 4 days trip in Iceland! And yes, while in Zurich, must eat pretzels. They are amazing!

    • Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

      The pretzels in Zurich are amazing! The prices not so much, but your right, Switzerland in general is just so pricey! Glad I got to visit the beautiful area :)

  • Our Wanders

    Looks so beautiful! We are flying to Zurich soon and can’t wait to see those charming streets and the magical Swiss Alps!

    • Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki