My Favorite #UnlockingIceland Pictures

Perlan, Iceland

It is no secret, I am completely obsessed with Instagram. It is the first social media I check, and the one I most frequently am active on. All those beautiful pictures that people share, it is like getting to take a vacation every time I open Instagram, what’s not to love?!

A few months ago I decided to find another excuse to spend even more time on Instagram looking at pretty pictures and created #UnlockingIceland a hashtag for all to share their Icelandic adventures.

Before we get into my favorite pictures from #UnlockingIceland I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shared their gorgeous Iceland pictures! Every time I scroll through the feed it just makes me so happy, and reminds me that I live in such a gorgeous place. I am loving following along on everyone’s adventures around Iceland and now have lots of new places I want to visit thanks to your pictures! Keep them coming!

And now onto my favorite pictures in #UnlockingIceland from the pasts few months.

Favorite Waterfall Picture

#skogafoss is incredible

A photo posted by a n i t a (@anita_rae_) on

I am a sucker for a waterfall picture, and isn’t this one a beauty?! This image captures the massive size of this beautiful waterfall so well. This picture also reminded me that I really must visit Skógafoss during the winter months when it is surrounded with pretty snow.

Favorite Beach Picture

Beaches are probably not the first thing that come to your mind when thinking about Iceland, but the black sand beaches, you really have to see them. This image is such a perfect capture of the Icelandic beaches, black sand and ice with the sunset, gorgeous!

Favorite Icelandic Horse Pose

I made a friend in Iceland #unlockingiceland

A photo posted by ash (@missdirections) on

Oh how I adore the Icelandic horses! A trip to Iceland is really not complete without stopping to pet these cuties, and Instagram some pictures to share at #UnlockingIceland of course.

Favorite Snow Picture

The record breaking snowfall we got in Reykjavik in December turned the city into a gorgeous winter wonderland, I loved it. It is pretty tough to complain about your daily commute when that is your view!

Favorite Northern Lights Picture

Those colors! This Northern Light capture is stunning, and reminds me that I have yet to photograph the Northern Lights well, fingers crossed this happens soon.

Favorite Landscape Picture

One of my favorite views on the south coast, the charming town of Vik sure looks pretty with all its summer colors. I can’t wait for those gorgeous green landscapes to return!

Favorite Blue Lagoon Picture

This picture needs made into a poster or something, such a pretty shot of the Blue Lagoon! Every time I have been to the Blue Lagoon I fail to get a nice picture, this picture has inspired me to work those modeling skills and get a good shot next time I am soaking in the blue waters.

Favorite Swimming Picture:

While I would definitely not recommend taking a swim at the Glacier Lagoon this picture made me laugh, and shiver, they have to be freezing!

Favorite Steamy Picture:

The moonscape, I mean, landscape of Iceland. That also smells a bit like rotten eggs. #Iceland #namafjallhverir

A photo posted by Amanda C (@unrestingsea) on

Geothermal areas are bubbling all over Iceland! There is something so unique and beautiful about these steamy areas that tend to smell like rotten eggs. I mean just look at the landscape in the picture, you don’t see views like that just anywhere!

Favorite on my Bucket List Picture:

Take me here now! How gorgeous is this place?! Fjaðrárgljúfur has been on my radar for awhile now and I am determined to visit this year. I need to see this amazing canyon with my own eyes!

Favorite Picture I Took:

❄️☃❄️ Anyone else spend their weekend playing in the snow??? #tistheseason #myholidayspark

A photo posted by Kaelene (@unlockingkiki) on

This winter Iceland has been extra gorgeous and Instagrammable, but this picture with the snow, it pretty well sums up my favorite memories from the past few months. I know I keep going on about it, but really the snow we got in December, it was gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind another snowstorm or two this winter :)

Thanks to all who shared their pictures last month! If you are heading to Iceland be sure to share your pictures with #UnlockingIceland so we can all feed our Icelandic wanderlust!

Question of the Day?
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  • Iceland is just so gorgeous! x

  • Gorgeous pictures! I live in upstate New York where snow is supposed to exist, but we’ve had pretty much none this year. My husband and I have talked about moving to Iceland; your winter wonderland picture convinces me even more!

    • It is crazy how little snow parts of the US have gotten this year! How exciting, have you guys been to Iceland before?

      • I came for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it! We drove around Ring Road with a few off shoots. I’d love to come back again and venture further off Ring Road, and also see more of Reykjavik (we only spent one day there).

  • Steph Gregerson

    I scroll through your hashtag often :) I’m finally going to organize our videos from our trip this weekend and I’m going to find some Icelandic beer and pretend like I’m back. I’m hoping for at least a stopover in the next year.

    • Thanks so much girl! I love all your pictures you shared, hope you get to make it back again so I can see more!

  • I live in Kentucky and we’ve only got about an inch of snow this year. I really miss it! Love the pictures!

    • Snow really is beautiful, even if I love warm sunny days you can’t beat a pretty snowy one.

  • Beautiful photos! I’ll have to use your hashtag for some of my company’s Iceland trips – I was just looking at students’ photos from Iceland this morning! I love Instagram as well. I’m a sucker for the #dogsofinstagram hashtag – happiness on four feet!

    • Yes! I hope to see your pictures on there thanks so much! And #dogsofinstagram, such a great one!

  • This is so amazing! What a great turn out! I’m now scrolling through this tag on Instagram :D
    A few friends were trying to get me to plan a trip to Iceland a while back, but I have to admit it just wasn’t high up on my list of places to go. After following along on your blog, it’s right up there now! It is honestly just one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen! Thanks for changing my mind!

    • I love all the pictures people have shared! And I never had Iceland on my list until I met the Viking, I am so glad I didn’t miss out on seeing this beautiful place! I hope you get to as well:)

  • Wow these photos are incredible! Seriously I need to get to Iceland ASAP.

  • Amazing! I need to visit ASAP!

  • Those black sand beaches are out of this world gorgeous!

  • Amazing pics! Iceland is on my bucket list <3


  • Diamond Beach looks absolutely stunning and your photos have given me serious wanderlust!

  • Wow these photos are beautiful! A high school friend of mine went to Iceland back in college. He posted the most breathtaking photos of the landscape and I’ve been obsessed with the idea of going there ever since. This reminds me that I really need to go there. And when I do, I’ll remember to use #UnlockingIceland

    • The landscape here is really amazing! I hope you get to visit one day, and that you use #UnlockingIceland :)

  • great pics truly!

  • That beach picture is amazing! I can’t imagine wandering a beach that looked like that! It seems a complete world away from the (also beautiful) tropical white sand beaches where we live!

  • These are such beautiful photos! #wanderlust and #travel always have some great photos too!

  • your picture is probably my favourite ;) i hope i get to go iceland one day, just so i can use your hashtag.

  • Wow some amazing photos! I need to get my butt to Iceland and actually make it happen!x