Blogging Is Constant

Blogger in Iceland

“Blogging is constant” – Some chick on the E show Fashion Bloggers

A few months ago I caught the commercial for the E show Fashion Bloggers. I know, totally late to the game on this one, but it takes awhile for things to reach this little island I live on. Anyways, as I was watching the commercial of these bloggers describing their lives one thing they all said, it has stuck with me, and I think it is the perfect way to describe this hobby I am hooked on.

Blogging is constant.

If I were asked to describe blogging I couldn’t have said it better myself. Rarely does a day go by when I am not working on something for the blog. From posting on social media to taking pictures for new posts. Writing those new post while at the same time trying to come up with ideas for more posts.

The blogging to do list is never ending.

The last few months I have dealt with what feels like never ending blogging issues. From posts being deleted to plugins not working it has been one frustrating thing after another. The thought of just pulling the plug on the blog and stepping away crossed my mind a dozen times.

One very frustrating night in the midst of a slight meltdown over my blog where I am sure I did some form of a teenage Kaelene outburst I was just ready to give up. My Viking, who had the pleasure of witnessing this meltdown, ever so calmly said, “okay then just quit.”

I wish someone was around to capture my face. All I know is I made some sound that was between a grunt and a sigh that I am sure I made frequently during my teenage years while I said, “I can’t quit, I love blogging.”

And that was the when it hit me.

I love blogging.

And all that other stuff just doesn’t matter.

Hotel Ragna, IcelandIn my element, a glass of wine in one hand, a camera in the other, blogger life can be pretty great!

Sometimes it is tough to not get caught up in the pageviews and number of comments, sometimes you forget to write for yourself and you start writing what you think others want to read. But when I write posts just for the pageviews and comments, well those are the posts that I don’t really like myself, and those posts that I write just for pageviews tend to be the most difficult ones to get the words out. But when I write just for myself, well the words seem to just flow and I am reminded all over again why I love blogging.

With my little blog baby turning two this week (such a proud mom) I think now is the perfect time for a little reminder to myself of those aspects I love about blogging. These reasons are what keep me coming back to this blog of mine even during those frustrating times.

I love how it challenges me
Each week, really each day, I am faced with a new list of things to do for the blog. New html code I want to learn, new social media trends to look up, new tutorials to read, not to mention all the daily tasks of running a blog, everyday is full of lessons. And you know what, I love it, it is so much better than just sitting on the couch binge watching Empire (although that is important in my life too) and it keeps that creative side of my brain happy.

I have friends all over the world
Blogging friends count as real friends in my mind! Expat life can get a bit lonely at times, especially in the beginning. When I first moved to Iceland and discovered the world of expat blogs I felt like I had found my own personal support group.

Following so many great bloggers on their own amazing adventures I feel like I get to travel the world with them. From seeing beautiful places in their pictures to relating to their struggles of life abroad it is such a wonderful community to be apart of. And, the real bonus, when I get to meet them!

I have an online journal I will always cherish
These past two years have been full of adventures, from moving to a new country to traveling around Europe, I feel so lucky for all the amazing things I have gotten to experience. Even better, I have all of those adventures documented here on this blog for me to easily look back on and remember exactly how I felt at that time. Reading some of my posts from my first few months in Iceland, those are my favorites, and always a great reminder for how much I have adjusted to Iceland in the past few years.

I get to share my adventures with my loved ones back home
While I wish I could bring all my loved ones with me on every adventure I have yet to figure out how to do this, so for now sharing my adventures on the blog for them to read will have to do. It can be hard sometimes talking with loved ones back home and not having them really know what your life and surroundings look like. By sharing these things on my blog it has helped me feel more connected with those back home, and it makes it easier to be like, “oh you know that trip we took last week?” and my parents will be like, “ya we read about it on your blog.” Until I get all my loved ones over here my blog will have to do for bringing them on my adventures with me.

Unlocking Kiki, BloggingA throwback to the early days of blogging in my favorite cafe

A whole new world has now opened up to me thanks to my blog. I have found a community that I can completely relate to on this crazy expat adventure, learned about cultures from all over the world through my blogging friends posts, and gained confidence in knowing that my abroad meltdowns are totally normal and my blogging friends don’t think I am crazy (at least I think so). The benefits blogging has brought me, they are more than worth all those hours I have spent in front of the computer and the many meltdowns I have had.

Tis the season to be thankful, and I am so thankful for this space of mine. Thanks to all my readers for making this blogging adventure such a wonderful experience. And for all the advice you all have given me. I hope you all keep following along with my adventures, and keep having amazing adventures of your own!

PS: Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to try some tasty Icelandic treats!

Question of the Day?
What is your favorite hobby? What are you thankful for this year?

Unlocking Kiki Turns Two!!!

Two Year Blogiversary

Happy two year blog birthday to me!

Two years!

I can’t believe I have managed to keep up with blogging for two years!

I remember when I first started blogging, it took me almost a month to hit publish on that first post. Now here I am two years later hitting that publish button several times a week.

The world of blogging, it is crazy weird, but crazy addictive, and I love it!

Two Year Blogiversary

In case you are wondering, lighting candles outside in Iceland is basically impossible. Also, never did I think I would be taking a cupcake outside for some pictures, the things I do for the blog. But I will take any excuse for cupcakes with lots of frosting:)

Two Year Blogiversary

Unlocking Kiki and the blogging community came into my life when I needed it most. I had been living in Iceland for a month, had no visa or job, during the darkest months of the year, a hobby needed to be created. I started my blog as a journal for myself to remember this time in my life and as a place for my family and friends to follow along with my adventures abroad.

Never did I think two years later I would still be blogging, or that I would have readers from all over the world following along with my adventures. I am oh so glad I hit publish two years ago!

Two Year Blogiversary

To celebrate Unlocking Kiki turning two let’s take a look back at my favorite posts from this past year! If you are new around here (Welcome!) these posts are a great way to get to know more about me and my blog, and also spark your Iceland wanderlust :)

Two posts I am most proud of:

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Two favorite Iceland posts:

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Two favorite blogging posts:

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Two favorite H & K posts:

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Two posts that were the most fun to write:

1. A Day in the Life
2. By the Numbers – I loved writing these posts each month documenting my first two years in Iceland!

Runner Up: Tuttugu og Sexy

Two Year Blogiversary

This past year I have seen my blog grow and bring opportunities my way I never thought possible. I have had the chance to meet blogger friends visiting Iceland and a reader when I was in DC. Creating these connections with other bloggers and readers, that to me is what blogging is all about. The community I have created around my blog has been an amazing support group that I feel like I can always turn to for advice or for a chat. As someone who lives thousands of miles away from my family and friends this has helped in so many ways.

I wanted to take this time to say a big Thank You to all of my readers out there. All of your comments, emails, and conversations have met so much to me. The community I have found through my blog has been so amazing, I feel lucky to get to call you all my friends, and yes, blogging friends count as real friends in my book!

Two Year Blogiversary

And to say Thank You to all of you who help make this blog so special a little giveaway for you all. Enter for your chance to receive a gift box full of Icelandic treats. There will be a lot of love in this gift box so enter for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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To my fellow bloggers what crazy things have you done for the blog?

A Summer Day At Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

This morning we woke up to -9°C temperatures, nothing like some crisp cold air in your face to wake you up on a Friday! Now that it is quite clear that winter has arrived in Iceland I figured it was about time I shared my pictures from our road trip around the Snæfellsnes Peninsula this past summer. I was just saving these sunny pictures for a dark cold day to remind myself how beautiful Iceland is when the sun shines:)

Nicknamed “Iceland in Miniature” Snæfellsnes Peninsula is one of the most visited parks in Iceland. It is one of my favorite areas of Iceland to explore, there is so much diversity in this peninsula that you never know what beauty awaits you around each corner!

With green landscapes that seem never ending, beautiful beaches that look so inviting you almost think of having a beach day, Icelandic horses to cute not to photograph, waterfalls of course, and lava fields that stretch for miles. If you only have time for one day trip when in Iceland make it one to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula!

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Our road trip last summer was all about just driving, taking in the views, yelling out when you wanted to stop for pictures and just enjoying the last days of summer before all those beautiful green fields would be covered in a white blanket of snow.

A perfect way to say goodbye to summer in Iceland don’t you think?

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We walked along the black sand beach, visited the lighthouse, had a picnic lunch in a lava field, helped a lost horse find its way home and took dozens of pictures of the famous Kirkjufell mountain.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Waterfalls, Icelandic horses and old Icelandic turf houses, Icelandic charm at its best!

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The main purpose of this road trip around Snæfellsnes was for me to finally get to photograph Kirkjufell. It has been on my list for ages and it did not disappoint, I have a post full of pictures of the three waterfalls and mountain coming your way!

Now I am just going to hope that these sunny pictures will bring some winter sunshine this weekend! Happy Friday, hope everyone has some fun adventures planed this weekend! We have lots happening this weekend, following along on Snapchat @kaelene.

Question of the Day?
Do you enjoy road trips? What are you doing this weekend?

Preparing For My Third Winter In Iceland

Daniel Wellington Watches

We are in the midst of a freeze streak this week.

What’s a freeze streak? Well, it is something I just made up, but I think its a statement that perfectly describes our week of several days in a row of temperatures below freezing.

Even though it is incredibly chilly these are my favorite kind of winter days. The air is crisp and fresh. The sun still comes out and makes the frost on the ground sparkle, and the leaves and grass look like they have been coated in glitter. There is no snow or ice making things slippery, which means I can still drive, big bonus for me. This is also the perfect weather for Northern Light sightings, so ya it is basically the best kind of winter weather.

Daniel Wellington Watches

Along with the dropping temperatures and the frosted over ground something else has happened this week. It involves my wardrobe.

Its back to all black. I call it my winter uniform.

Daniel Wellington Watches

A few months ago I shared some of the traits I noticed I have adopted since moving to Iceland. (Like not liking small talk, what kind of American am I? One that lives in a country with no small talk thats who!) With the arrival of winter these past couple of weeks several more traits have made their appearance, even H has commented on them, things that make me stop and think, “Am I turning Icelandic? Or just finally adjusting to life here?”

Either way this is good news in my book as it makes my life a bit easier, adjusting to your surroundings is always a good thing.

My new “traits” came to my attention the other day when I was at lunch with my friend, a fellow American, who has been living in Iceland for about the same length of time that I have. Over lunch our conversation went from how cozy we find the dark mornings (it doesn’t get light until 10am now!) and how pretty everything looked the other day when we had our first snow. By the end of the conversation we both had to laugh, look at us two foreign ladies finally adjusting to those things that we found oh so difficult not that long ago.

Really though, the dark mornings, for the past two winters I dreaded when the darkness would arrive. Now, I find it oh so cozy. I curl up on the couch, turn on our Christmas lights (yes those are already up in the window, #noshame) and sip my coffee while enjoying the quiet relaxing feeling the dark mornings bring. In the office we light candles and linger over our coffee just a bit longer. I mean when it is dark out there is really no rush to start working.

And who is this girl who is actually looking forward to snow?! I can’t believe I am saying this but I am actually looking forward to the colder temperatures so I can bundle up in my favorite winter attire and go for snowy walks. I mean really Iceland what have you done to me!

One thing I can fully blame Iceland for, my winter wardrobe, which is completely black. I have totally given up my fight on converting to the all black wardrobe that is favored by many in Iceland. I mean it is just so much easier and it makes your outfits look more put together with little effort. Especially when I get to add my new Daniel Wellington watch to my ensemble, then my black outfit is complete.

Daniel Wellington Watches

A few months ago I was on the search for the perfect everyday watch when I discovered the beautiful watches of Daniel Wellington. I remember browsing the website choosing my favorites watches, guess what they were all black.

Not wanting to cave into the all black Icelandic wardrobe just yet I opted for the beautiful brown with rose gold Classic St. Mawes, I was pretty proud of myself for choosing color, because brown is such an eye popping color I know.

A few weeks ago I found myself browsing the Daniel Wellington website still dreaming of my black watch. So when Daniel Wellington contacted me recently about checking out their watches for the holiday season you know what color I chose for my watch… black of course.

Daniel Wellington Watches

Typically I refuse to order anything online since the shipping fees to Iceland are ridiculous. But Daniel Wellington, they have free worldwide shipping, which means I can more than justify ordering watches from them don’t you think?!

I will admit, when I ordered my watch I was so nervous for when it arrived and I would have to talk to the mean UPS man again who called me last time I ordered a watch. I even debated putting H’s number down so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it. But, I put on my big girl pants and took the call. And you know what, this UPS man was so nice, he even delivered the package to my office since I wasn’t at home!

Another bonus, the pretty holiday wrapping my watch came in. As soon as I opened this I declared it the Christmas season, I mean how festive is this wrapping?

Daniel Wellington Watches

Since it is the holidays and all I figured it would be sweet of me to get my Viking his own Daniel Wellington watch as well. I mean he has to put up with our constant photo shoots so I figured it was the least I could do.

Daniel Wellington Watches

He was not a fan of this pose.

Back to my Viking and his watch.

Daniel Wellington Watches

Now my Viking for some reason has not fallen for the all black wardrobe. In fact, he is on the opposite end of the spectrum and likes to spice it up with colors. Which means he didn’t fall for my all black watch, nope he went for a beautiful brown one.

Daniel Wellington Watches

He looks very dapper with his new watch. Even when he is scrapping ice off the car.

Daniel Wellington Watches

Not going to lie, I am spoiled and every morning my Viking goes out early to scrap the ice of the windshield and warm up the car. A diva can’t be cold, and he can’t complain, he has a pretty new watch to keep track of every minute he has to wait in the car for me.

These watches, I love them, they would make a perfect gift for anyone on your list, even those picky people who are hard to shop for, if they don’t like the watch you got them they can just order a new strap and change the style just like that. If you are looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping head over to Daniel Wellington and take care of everyone on your list!

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington is looking to spread the holiday cheer to Unlocking Kiki readers with a discount code, yay! Head over to Daniel Wellington and use the code KIKI15 for a 15% discount until January 15th.

Let the holiday shopping (and decorating, and eating, and drinking) begin!

Question of the Day?
Do you have a darker wardrobe for winter? Have you started your holiday shopping?

Q&A With Casey From Land of Marvels

All my fellow travel lovers I have a treat for you today! One of my favorite travel bloggers, Casey from Land of Marvels is answering all my questions about her tips and tricks for planning amazing trips multiple times a year, while still working a full time job and blogging along the way!

From tips on what to wear when traveling to how to make the most of a long weekend in Europe, sharing the truth about travel (it isn’t always glamorous!) and how to travel like a local, Casey’s blog will quickly turn into your go to for travel tips!

And, Casey is a fellow Iceland lover so we know she has great travel style. I had the chance to meet Casey last time she was in Iceland and I can personally say that her love for travel is inspiring and will make you want to pack a bag and make the most of your vacation days.

Okay, enough from me, leys meet the lovely Casey and hear her travel tips!

Casey from Land of Marvels

1. When did you decide to start blogging / what inspired you to start blogging?

I have been blogging on and off for about 10 years now but blogging seriously, about 2 years. I’ve always loved writing and I love traveling, so travel blogging for me is such an inspiring outlet to share this big beautiful world we inhabit with others!

Casey from Land of Marvels

2. How do you balance blogging several days a week, exploring all over the world, working and keeping a social life? Tell me your secrets! :)

To be honest, sometimes it’s really hard to balance it all. However, I love blogging and I love the community so it’s still a priority for me to spend the time doing. At this point, scheduling posts ahead is how I keep my sanity! :) I plan posts 2-3 weeks out and I’ll sit down when I have some free time and write multiple posts at once, that way when the craziness starts up again, I’m covered. That system has worked really well for me, but I have to admit, particularly lately, it’s definitely a constant struggle to keep up on everything in my life!

3. On to the travel questions. You plan several international trips each year. How do you decide which destination to visit next?

We’ve consistently added more international travel to our yearly travels over the past few years and it’s always hard to pick a destination. Usually both my husband Nick and I have places in our minds that we’ve been thinking about for a while or places that have recently just popped up for us, so we sit down and talk about all the options and then figure out where we’ll head. We generally like to do at least 1 Europe trip a year and then try to do something a little more exotic for our second big trip of the year. We generally also travel in off seasons (early Spring and late Fall) which narrows down destinations a bit more as well.

Casey from Land of Marvels

4. What are the first things you book/research once you have chosen your destination?

When we know our destination, I head straight to a file on my computer where I save screenshots and information on places when I see them. Then from there, I do a bit more overview research online and then generally book flights first, then hotels, then activities. We usually book pretty far out so that gives me more time after booking flights and hotels to go back and fine tune the rest of my research and smaller bookings.

5. How do you find ideas of places to visit and things to do on your travels?

Instagram is a huge source of inspiration for this for me! As well as Pinterest! I love seeing where other people have been and what they did and how they enjoyed different things at a destination. I’ll also scour all my favorite travel blogger’s sites to see what they had to say as well as getting advice from like-minded people can often totally make a trip!

Casey from Land of Marvels

6. What are your favorite sites/sources to find travel information?

I love sites like Tablet Hotels and Splendia for hotel research and inspiration! I also love Pinterest and Instagram for this as well. I also love travel magazine for this, to scan through and see what the next amazing place is going to be. I’m a big fan of to book hotels and Orbitz for flights and rental cars as I’ve had really good experiences with them over the years. But travel blogs are still one of my biggest resources for travel inspiration!

7. Any travel traditions that you have to do on each trip?

We have a few little traditions that we’ve picked up over the years, some for certain places and some just generally. For instance, in Paris, we almost always eat at our favorite restaurant (Cafe St. Regis) and then head to the Eiffel tower on the first day there. Generally, we try to pick up at least 1 small souvenir that really matches our experience in a particular place to add to our treasures at home. So we’ve purchased a small wooden elephant in India, a silver teapot in Marrakech, Spanish tiles in Sevilla that we use for coasters. Our tradition is to have something to remember each trip by. We also almost always get up multiple times during a trip to see the sunrise, the perk of a being a photographer’s wife!

Casey from Land of Marvels

8. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone new to travel?

To step on that plane headed off with a truly open mind. If you can get past the small differences in people all over the world, you’ll find we’re all more alike than different and if we could embrace everyone with an open mind and realize that others might do things differently, we’d be a way more peaceful planet!

9. You have traveled (and lived!) all over the place, what’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to and what is the next destination on your list?

I have so many favorites and all for different reasons! Paris probably at the top of that list just because it’s one of the few places in the world that I’ve found that I just feel that I fit easily, that speaks to me on a very emotional level. Portland, my home city, because it’s such a special place and holds so many memories. London because of the edgy yet so refined vibe. Sevilla because I fell hard in love with this special Spanish city. Udaipur, India because of it’s stunning natural beauty and the incredible energy of India in general. Iceland because no where else in the world has ever left me with such a feeling of change within myself after visiting. Dublin because of the electric energy of that city. St. Andrews because of the peaceful moments we felt there. Seoul because it became like a second home for a while. I could go on and on… but each place has had such a profound impact on my life.

Next up, we’re heading to Australia, New Zealand and Bali at the end of November, then NYC for New Year’s weekend. We’ll be visiting the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Sedona in February and then our next big trip will be to Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Vienna and Santorini in April!

Casey from Land of Marvels

10. Before you go what are three of your favorite posts that you think everyone needs to read!

(1) An Ode to the Third Culture Kids – because it defines who I am!
(2) 3 Affordable Fall Trips to Europe and What They Cost – because travel can be accessible and I aim to help others find great deals to explore the world.
(3) I Still Blog for Love – because I still do have such a passion for blogging even after all these years!


Are you heading to Casey’s blog now to study up on all her travel tips of what?! She is about to head off on one amazing trip to Australia, New Zealand and Bali, I can’t wait to read all her posts from this trip!

This One Time, In Iceland, I Hiked A Glacier

Glacier hiking, Iceland

“You know what would be fun to try? Going on a glacier hike and ice climbing trip!”

I looked at my Viking thinking he must of lost it, he knows I am far too much of a worrier to convince me to willing walk across a glacier full of crevasse and possible dangerous situations. My response, “there is no way.”

So how in the world did I find myself putting crampons on my hiking boots and exploring around a glacier one Sunday afternoon? I blame my Viking and Iceland, they have changed me.

Glacier hiking, Iceland

When H first mentioned glacier climbing to me all I could think was it sounded cold, slippery, and well cold. But the more I thought about it the more intrigued I was by the idea. I mean, how awesome would it be to hike across a glacier in Iceland!

The idea continued to tempt me, life is all about getting outside of your comfort zone right? And then, there we were, inside the Arctic Adventure office booking our glacier hiking and ice climbing tour.

As H and the customer service representative chatted I started second guessing every reason I ever gave for this being a good idea. I mean I am the girl who couldn’t even handle a day of snowboarding out of fear that I would crash, get lost and freeze in a blizzard. Dramatic is what I do best, and let me tell you I had a whole list of things that could go wrong on that glacier just brewing in my mind.

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

Leave it to my Viking to use my “live life outside my comfort zone” motto to convince me to wake up at 6am so we could make the drive to Sólheimajökull glacier for our tour. I must of checked my weather app a dozen times on the drive, I was just certain a blizzard was on its way and we would get stuck on the glacier.

The weather though, it ended up being perfect, there wasn’t even a breeze, it was like Iceland was giving me nice weather to make sure I got on that glacier. All out of reasons why I shouldn’t try glacier hiking I gave in and got out of the car to join the tour. And so, there I sat, listening to our tour guide explain how to put on our crampons, which I am pretty certain are the most important piece of equipment and I need a pair in my daily life during the winter.

Glacier hiking, Iceland

With our crampons attached and our helmets in place our group was ready to start the hike. I took the most cautious steps as we made our way onto the glacier. I was certain that as soon as I stepped onto the glacier I would be slipping all over the place and would end up falling down some deep crevasse. Surprise surprise, I didn’t slip once, those crampons were gold.

Glacier hiking, Iceland

To be honest I really had no idea what to expect when we signed up for our glacier hiking trip. One thing that did surprise me, how “dirty” the glacier looked due to the debris covering it as we first made our climb onto the glacier.

In my mind I imagined a glacier to be shinning and white, covered with a fresh layer of snow, because it must always be snowing on top of a glacier right? Clearly I really didn’t know much about glaciers, but our guide was full of facts and interesting information. For example, when our guide pointed out how much the glacier has melted in the past few years I was amazed. Nothing like being confronted with effected nature in person to realize the damage of global warming.

For the next two hours H and I walked around the glacier, me using extreme caution, my Viking being a bit more brave and taking all the pictures I wanted while I focused on my balance. Nervous as I was though I was in complete awe the entire time we were on the glacier, I mean how could I not be, glaciers are such a fascinating part of nature!

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

About half way into our hike our tour guide spotted the entrance to an ice cave tunnel. I mean if I am already hiking around a glacier I might as well walk through an ice tunnel right?!

This had to be the highlight of the tour for me. The blue color of the ice is unreal, one of the most gorgeous things I have seen.

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

Incredible right? It was a good thing I was in such high spirits after my walk through the ice tunnel, I needed it for what was to come, ice climbing!

Glacier hiking, Iceland

The Viking’s face at the ice climbing news versus my face, I tried my best to hide my fear and look excited. And of course I ended up being the last one to ice climb so I had plenty of time to stress myself out over it. H though, he had no problem, he monkey climbed right up to the top.

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

And then it was my turn. I listened to my guide telling me how to get my ice pick properly into the side of the glacier and to make sure to kick my boots hard into the wall all while trying to pep talk myself that I could do this.

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

And then it was time and there I was trying to get my ice pick securely into the ice wall to start my climb. Can I just say this was sooo much harder than I thought it would be! By the time I was reaching the top my heart was racing and my arms were shaking, I was worried I would drop the ice pick and hit someone on the ground. The idea to just stop half way was more than tempting, but with H down below cheering me on I knew I had to try, and somehow I was able to toss my ice pick into the wall one last time and make my way to the top.

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

By this point I felt like I could conquer anything, and that I really needed a nap, ice climbing is hard work!

Once everyone in our group had attempted ice climbing we packed up our gear and began to make our way back down the glacier. By this point I was finally over my fear that I would slip at any moment and just took in the views around me thinking “I am on top of a glacier right now!”

Glacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, IcelandGlacier hiking, Iceland

I am so glad the Viking put the crazy idea into my head to go glacier hiking. It is by far one of the most unique things I have ever done. If you are looking for a unique and adventurous experience to add to your trip to Iceland I definitely recommend looking into booking a glacier hiking tour with Arctic Adventures.

Question of the Day?
Have you ever done something completed out of your comfort zone? Would you go glacier hiking?

*Glacier’s can be very dangerous, please do not attempt to walk onto a glacier without a guide and proper equipment.