The Bigger The Waterfall The Better // Háifoss, Iceland

Háifoss, Iceland

My entire body was clenched as we hit yet another massive pothole. I turned to H, “it’s okay I don’t really need to see this waterfall.” His response, “stop worrying so much,” as he swerved to miss a small boulder in the middle of the road.

The drive back to Háifoss, the second biggest waterfall in Iceland, is not for the faint of heart, or for a tiny car like ours!

Somehow though our poor little car survived the drive back to Háifoss without so much as a scratch, but it is not a drive I am interested in reliving anytime soon. But once you reach this gorgeous waterfall, well you quickly forget about the terrible gravel road you just drove to get there, that is until you have to head back on it when you leave!

Háifoss, IcelandThis is considered a road, those rocks are larger than they appear, drive back here with caution, and preferably 4-wheel drive and insurance!

Let’s back up to the start of our journey to Háifoss.

Háifoss is a waterfall that I have been wanting to visit ever since seeing it on Pinterest a few months ago. Seriously, there are so many waterfalls in Iceland no one knows about all of them, so thank you Pinterest for bringing this beauty onto my radar! The only problem with Háifoss, it is not exactly the closest to Reykjavik so it wasn’t that easy to convince my Viking to make a weekend trip out there.

Enter in our weekend getaway at Hotel Ranga last month putting us less than an hour from Háifoss and my Viking couldn’t say no to a visit.

Our adventure to find Háifoss from Hotel Ranga, it was a beautiful one. Our hour long road trip took us past some incredibly scenery, but I mean when doesn’t a road trip in Iceland include that?! The diversity of the Icelandic landscape always amazes me and our drive to Háifoss from Hotel Ranga was a perfect example of how diverse the Icelandic landscape can be.

South IcelandSouth IcelandSouth IcelandDoes this landscape not make you think of the moon? Not even five minutes after we passed the fields of lava rock we rounded a corner and came to this.

South Iceland

With the Icelandic landscape, you never know what you will find around every corner!

Finally, after driving past the turn off sign twice, H and I were on our way back to Háifoss. We weren’t too sure where Háifoss was located, and for awhile it looked like we were just driving off to the middle of no where, I really began to question if there was a waterfall anywhere near us.

Thankfully H didn’t listen to me saying we should probably turn around because soon we saw a small parking area that we assumed was where to go to find Háifoss. This guess was correct, and after just a few minutes of walking we were taking in the beautiful views of Háifoss.

Háifoss, IcelandHáifoss, IcelandHáifoss, IcelandHáifoss, IcelandHáifoss, Iceland

There are always new waterfalls to discover in Iceland!

A photo posted by Kaelene (@unlockingkiki) on

This statement couldn’t be more true, there is always new waterfalls to discover in Iceland! And our visit to Háifoss introduced us to not one but two new waterfalls!

Háifoss, Iceland

This is my kind of 2 for 1 deal!

The waterfall next to Háifoss is called Granni, which in Icelandic means neighbor. Quite the clever name don’t you think?! Granni is somewhat hidden back in a little rock bowl making it hard to fully capture in a picture, but the rocks surrounding it just added to its beauty in my opinion.

Both waterfalls, they were gorgeous, my Viking even said he thinks these are his favorite waterfalls in Iceland. In the land of gorgeous waterfalls this is quite the statement, but I may just agree with my Viking!

Háifoss and Granni, Iceland Háifoss, IcelandHáifoss, IcelandHáifoss, IcelandHáifoss, IcelandThis girl just took the ultimate Icelandic selfie!

Háifoss, Iceland

Know Before You Go

Location // Háifoss is located in the Þjórsárdalur valley in the south of Iceland, 135 km from Reykjavik. When visiting Háifoss don’t forget to add a stop to the beautiful Gjáin which is less than a half an hour away.

How to Get There // The turn off for Háifoss is indicated with a small, but easily visible sign off the side of the road. Once you turn off you will follow a gravel road for 500 m before turning right onto another gravel road. This second road is very rough, a jeep or other 4 wheel drive vehicle is recommend. Follow the second road for 6.5km staying to the left. You will see a gravel parking area to the left, park here and walk 800 m to reach the waterfalls. Another option is to hike back to Háifoss. From the historical farm Stöng you can hike to Háifoss passing Gjáin on the way. This is quite a long hike though, 5-6 hours in both directions, but if you love hiking I imagine this hike is quite gorgeous!

When to visit // For the best chance at good weather a trip to Háifoss in the summer months (July-August) is ideal. If you are planning a trip to Iceland anytime from October to May I recommend checking the road conditions in the area, heavy snow fall may make it difficult (or not possible) to make the drive back to Háifoss.

Other tips // Háifoss is a perfect location for landscape photography, if you are heading to Iceland specifically to capture some great pictures I highly recommend planning a day in this area to visit Háifoss as well as Gjáin. And, as always, please keep your safety in mind, there are some high cliffs around Háifoss so use caution when going close to the edges.

Question of the Day?
Which waterfall is your favorite, Háifoss or Granni? Do you get nervous on unpaved roads? What is your favorite place to visit near your home?

Those Magical First Few Hours In Prague


Those first few hours in a new city, they are magical.

The buildings all look so charming, there are exciting new sounds and smells coming from every direction, and around every corner you find something new to admire. Everything just seems magical to you during those first few hours.

Our first few hours in Prague was no different, they were magical.

We arrived to Prague early in the evening to a sunset lighting up the sky with beautiful orange and reds and I couldn’t wait to start exploring. But by the time our group of 40 arrived to our hotel it was well beyond dinner time and I was in need of a glass of wine. Traveling with a group that big, it tries your patience, something of which I already have very little of, wine and food was seriously needed.

So before we could even think of exploring Prague H and I headed off to find dinner. Side note, H and I tend to have an issue when traveling and finding food. We usually don’t start looking for a place until we are both hungry, aka hangry, and end up walking into whatever we can find, which tends to lead to not the best dining experiences.

Not this time!

This time we researched before we arrived in Prague and discovered an amazing restaurant just minutes from our hotel. If you are in Prague go to U Kroka for dinner, its amazing, the atmosphere is cozy and the beer is delicious according to my Viking.

Prague Beer

Finally, after hours of traveling, we were ready to head off to do a little bit of exploring before bed time!

By this point it was quite late into the night so we didn’t have much time for exploring, but it turns out we wouldn’t make it far before we discovered live music on a boat that we just couldn’t walk past. So instead of walking to Old Town we opted for a drink and listening to music, exploring would have to wait until tomorrow, this was too much fun!

Prague by the RiverPrague by the River

Drinking local beer on a boat listening to music with views of the castle and city all light up around us, a pretty magical way to get acquainted with Prague don’t you think?!

As we didn’t make it more than a few minutes from our hotel our first evening the next day was dedicated to exploring as much as possible. Instead of doing a play by play of our day here are some highlights (and one low) from our first day in Prague.

We walked along the river early in the morning

Prague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverThis guy, you can’t take him anywhere…

Prague by the River
Our hotel was just a block up from the river, which not only helped make it easy to find for my navigation challenged self, it also made it the perfect location for walks along the river. We made this walk many times in the next couple of days, but walking along the river early in the morning, that was my favorite.

We were the ultimate tourists and took a lunchtime boat tour around Prague

Prague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the River

The first activity we did in Prague, a boat tour with our group of 40, talk about the ultimate tourists right?! Even though I was dying to get off the boat and get to exploring the little streets of Prague the boat tour was a great way to get an overview of the city. And at least we didn’t have to fight the crowds to take in some great views!

I discovered the deliciousness that is Trdelník

Prague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the RiverPrague by the River

I had read about these tasty treats before our trip to Prague and could not wait to get my hands on one. As soon as we were off the boat I told H our next stop before we did anything else was to find a trdelník stand. We quickly learned this is very easy as there are trdelník stands all over the city, perfect for picking one up whenever the craving hits! Enjoying my trdelník in one of old towns city squares was the moment it really hit me… I was in Prague!

We got overwhelmed by the crowds


Okay, one low point has to be mentioned because this really got to me. The crowds were insane! I knew to expect crowded spots, I mean we were going to Prague a very popular city so there was bound to be tons of people. And we were also exploring those popular spots in the middle of the day, not our best idea. But the crowds, they totally overwhelmed me and took away the charm in some spots for me such as Old Town, I just couldn’t deal with the crowds there and we ended up avoiding that area during most of our trip.

So, lesson learned, avoid busy tourist spots during the day and only visit during early morning and evening, problem solved. And lucky for us Prague has lots of beautiful parks to walk around and enjoy when we wanted to avoid the crowds.

We spent hours walking around taking in the ridiculously charming buildings


The buildings in Prague, swoon where they charming! From bright colors to tons of little details I definitely did not expect to find such beautiful buildings in Prague. H and I spent most of our afternoon wandering around neighborhoods admiring the beautiful buildings. I am now ready to move into my own bright yellow building!

Happy hour was enjoyed at a street market

Wine in PraguePrague

I don’t know if it is always like this in Prague but there seemed to be little street markets all over the city, all selling delicious wine and treats. H and I enjoyed several different stops at street markets during our trip, I mean you can’t say no to a glass of wine when it is less than two dollars!

A day of exploring ended with a walk along the river at dusk

PraguePrague Do you see the castle in the distance? So beautiful! PraguePrague

With our legs aching from all the walking we had done during the day H and I made a very slow walk along the river back to our hotel. The calm that came with the early evening and the beautiful light it cast over the city, the perfect way to end our first day of exploring, it helped keep the magic alive!

Okay so this was a recap of more than our first few hours, more like our first 24 hours, but it was all magical so it counts:) The rest of our time in Prague, it was amazing, but nothing in my mind beats those first few hours of exploring a new city!

Question of the Day?
What is your favorite part of a trip? Have you ever visited somewhere that was so crowded it lost its charm for you?

The Fall Colors Of Reykjavik

Fall in Iceland

Fall is my favorite season. I love summer and am all about fun in the sun, but there is something so special about the fall season. The colors, the crisp air, the wardrobe and all the tasty seasonal treats (pumpkin I love you!) fall is just the best season in my mind.

Growing up in Oregon I never truly appreciated the fall, until I experienced fall somewhere else (aka Iceland) and realized how perfect fall in Oregon is. The weather is still warm and sunny, the colors are just amazing, and I have unlimited access to all my favorite treats. The falls in Oregon, they spoiled me, and I know have a serious problem of comparing the fall in Iceland to the fall in Oregon.

This is an evil game my friends. Fall in Iceland, it is nothing like fall in Oregon.

When my first fall came around I pictured me and the Viking enjoying many crisp afternoons walks around Reykjavik taking in the colors, all warm and cozy in our Icelandic wool sweaters. And I couldn’t wait to take a trip out to Thingvellir, where I was told is the place to go to see the best display of fall colors in Iceland. When the leaves started to change colors and the first crisp day rolled around last year I was ecstatic, the time had finally arrived.

Now here is what actually happened during my first fall in Iceland.

Storm after storm hit this little island taking most of the leaves with it before the colors could really change. Trying to stay positive I kept my mind set on the beautiful colors I was sure to see at Thingvellir. Well, the night before the Viking and I headed out to Thingvellir it snowed, meaning much of the fall colors that I had dreamed of seeing where covered in a coat of snow.

Not exactly how I pictured my first fall in Iceland.

thingvellir, IcelandLast “fall” at Thingvellir. I need a redo this year, minus the snow!

On a positive note I did get a glimpse or two of those beautiful Icelandic fall colors peaking through the snow so I knew the possibility was there. And so, I marked year one as a fail and kept my hopes up for this fall.

The seasons are funny in Iceland. They seem to literally change over night and fall this year was no different. When we left for our trip to Prague the fall colors were slowly appearing around Reykjavik but they weren’t really out yet. During our 5 days away though Iceland completed shifted to fall and Reykjavik was covered in beautiful fall colors when we arrived back home. I spent all last week just dreaming of the weekend so we could get out and explore the colors more, fall had finally arrived!

Then we heard threats of snow in the forecast.

Snow, in the beginning of October, I kid you not, this may or may not have caused a little break down. I don’t know how that Viking of mine can not be fazed by the weather, or put up with my meltdowns over it, but really snow at the beginning of October, that is too soon!

And, true to the weatherman’s word (why must they be right about snow!) Saturday morning we woke up to our first taste of winter with a dusting of snow on the ground. Thankfully the sun came out and melted it right away, but I took this as a warning that we better enjoy the fall colors while we can and wasted no time in dragging H out of the house to get to exploring.

Fall in IcelandFall in IcelandFall in IcelandFall in IcelandFall in Iceland

One of our favorite places to go for walks is Elliðaárdalur, a hidden gem in Reykjavik if you ask me, and just a short drive from our house making it perfect for a quick walk before the rain comes back. Elliðaárdalur is a beautiful place in every season but I had yet to see it during fall. I am happy to report that Elliðaárdalur in the fall was just as beautiful as I thought it would be, and I finally got to see the fall colors of Iceland with my own eyes, fall really does exist here!

Fall in Iceland Fall in IcelandFall in Iceland Fall in IcelandMushrooms and berries were all over the place!

Fall in IcelandFall in Iceland Fall in Iceland Look I’m a tree:) Some little kids ran past me while I was standing on the tree stump. As soon as I got down they were trying to figure out how to get up there before their parents came and told them to get down and I heard them tell their parents, “but she was doing it.” Opps, bad influence for the children.

Fall in Iceland Fall in IcelandFall in Iceland Fall in IcelandAn adventure in Iceland isn’t complete without a waterfall or two.

Fall in IcelandFall in IcelandFall in IcelandThis red jacket, I am in love with it. Like I have a whole post gushing about it to come, so if your a fan of finding the perfect outdoor jacket be sure to check back in later this week!

Fall in Icleland

Iceland, you had me worried after last fall, but you are more than making up for it this year. Keep those gorgeous Fall colors coming, and the snow away for at least another month or two pretty please.

Question of the Day?
What is your favorite season? What is your favorite thing to do in the Fall?

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23rd Month In Iceland By The Numbers

Month number 23 is in the books and I am quickly approaching my two year mark in Iceland!!!

Two years in Iceland, I can’t believe how fast time has gone by!

I started this “by the number” series my first month in Iceland as a way to remember all the adventures I got up to each month, big or small. I am so happy that I started writing these monthly recaps, just a glance through each post takes me back to that month and all the feelings I felt during that time. When you are an expat there tends to a lot of feelings and changes constantly happening, I am glad that I have all of mine documented here on my blog to see how I have grown and changed over the last two years.

I have loved writing these posts each month, but as I settle further into my life in Iceland I have decided to end the “by the numbers” series and move on to something else. My life has settled into a routine and while there are still changes happening it is not as many or as big as the changes that have occurred during the first two years. I feel like my first two years were a special time of learning and growing and I am happy to have those memories in my “by the numbers” posts, but am now ready to move on from them. I will still be recapping all about life in Iceland though, I mean that really is what this blog is all about!

But before I say goodbye to my “by the numbers” series a recap of my 23rd month in Iceland needs to happen!

I will admit, this past month I was not the best at capturing life happenings, but my month was a busy (and fun!) one. From game nights with friends to my first dentist appointment in Iceland, a weekend in the Icelandic countryside and a trip to Prague month number 23 was full of firsts and happy memories!

So with that little spiel let’s get into my last “by the numbers” post shall we?!

Four hours spent on a sunny Saturday capturing my neighborhood

Reykjavik, Iceland

For all the exploring I get up to around Iceland I am not the best at exploring my own neighborhood. So one sunny Saturday a few weeks ago I vowed to change this. During my two hour walk around my neighborhood I gained a new appreciation for the area where I live and for all the charming colorful houses in our neighborhood. Lesson learned, explore your own neighborhood more!

Twelve meetups hosted as a Girl Gone International Community Manager

Girl Gone International

Becoming a Girl Gone International community manager with my friend was one of the best decisions I have made in Iceland. I have made several wonderful friends through this group, and even better, I have seen girls new to Iceland quickly hit it off with other ladies in the group and now they hang out outside of the monthly meetups! I know what it is like to be the new expat in town so I feel so happy to be able to help make that transition easier by having a group they feel welcome in.

One luxurious stay at Hotel Rangá

Hotel Rangá, IcelandHotel Ranga, IcelandHotel Rangá, Iceland

I may sound like a broken record, but the Viking and I’s weekend at Hotel Rangá was seriously amazing you guys! From the cozy room to the beautiful landscape, delicious dinner and the amazing Northern Lights, it really was a weekend for the books!

Two hours watching the Northern Lights

Northern Lights

If only every Friday was spent watching these beauties dance in the sky! I have been quite lucky and have gotten to see the Northern Lights multiple times since moving to Iceland. But the Northern Lights we saw during our stay at Hotel Rangá where truly amazing, by far the best Northern Lights I have seen yet! If you dream of seeing the Northern Lights while in Iceland I highly recommend a stay at Hotel Rangá, they even have a Northern Lights wake up call so you won’t miss the show!

Second trip back to my favorite place in Iceland

Gjáin, Iceland

Oh how I love this fairy-tale land! Gjáin really is the most beautiful place in Iceland.The best part is that hardly anyone visits there, so you can enjoy the magic of Gjáin all to yourself! If you are planning a trip to Iceland visit Gjáin, you won’t be disappointed!

Two new waterfalls visited

Haifoss, IcelandHaifoss, IcelandHaifoss, Iceland

A month in Iceland wouldn’t be complete without some waterfalls! These two new to me waterfalls are definitely at the top of the list for the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen in Iceland. The waterfall Háifoss recently came onto my radar (thanks to Pinterest!), and since we were in the area after a lovely stay at Hotel Rangá I had to take advantage of it and make a visit to Háifoss and its neighboring waterfall Granni. They both were incredibly beautiful, I have a full post full of pictures of these beauties, stay tuned!

Weekly skype dates with my family

Skype with Family

This picture just makes my heart all kinds of happy. It is no easy task to find a time where we can all sit down to Skype, but when but these Skype dates, they really make my week. And when the dogs get involved in the Skype action that is the cherry on top! Opal is much more curious about the whole Skype thing than Azora, she kept staring at the screen and looking around trying to figure out where my voice was coming from. Azora on the other hand, she won’t even pause to look at the screen, although once she licked the screen like she was giving kisses, and then I cried, because I am a crazy dog lady and miss my pups.

I have to share one more picture of my favorite pups (told you crazy dog lady over here!). My family went camping a few weeks ago and my mom sent me this picture. Apparently Opal’s idea of camping is sitting on top of Azora, because you know she can’t get dirty:)

Azora and Opal

Gah they are too cute!

Five days in Prague


More like 5 days eating and drinking my way around Prague ha. Our trip to Prague was amazing, the weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the city was just as charming as I thought it would be. I have lots of pictures to go through and share on the blog so stayed tuned for more on this lovely city.

First James Bond themed party in Prague

James Bond Party

First off, I have never seen any James Bond movies. So when H told me that while in Prague we would have a James Bond themed party all I knew was that I got to get all dressed up for the night. This night, it has to be my favorite night in Prague! This party was an absolutely blast and worth the little amount of sleep we got that night. I have way too many blurry pictures from this night, few of which are blog appropriate, but here is one fuzzy picture that gives you an idea of how I spent my night.

James Bond Party

I love to dance, and I love it even more when you can just be silly and let loose on the dance floor.

Four hours spent wandering around Prague with no plan

Just one more from Prague for now. On our last full day in the city H and I set out with no real plan. My favorite way to explore a new place is to just wander around and see what you find, and what we found in Prague was a beautiful park with some amazing views of the city! These kind of moments, they are my favorite travel memories.

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This next month is a big one. My two year expativersary is coming up, as well as my two year blogiversary! H and I have a trip coming up to DC and NYC in a few weeks, oh and I am doing this crazy thing and running the NYC marathon, eekkk. So even though the weather in Iceland has already took a turn towards winter there is still lots to celebrate around here. But first I must get through these last few weeks of training, and then the fun begins!

Here is to month 24 and many more!

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40 Icelanders And An American Walk Into A Bar In Prague ….

This is not a joke my friends.

This is my current situation in a nutshell!


For the past 5 days I have been exploring all over Prague with the Viking and 40 other Icelanders. How you may be thinking did I end up in this situation? I mean that is a lot of Icelanders to be traveling around with right?

Every other year H’s work takes a trip abroad, it’s their idea of a company picnic. H and I weren’t planning on joining in on this years trip because we already have done a lot of traveling, but when they announced that the trip was to Prague we couldn’t say no!

And that is how I ended up in the beautiful Prague with a group of 40 Icelanders.


I will be honest, as our trip to Prague got closer I can’t say that I was really excited. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see Prague itself, I have been wanting to visit this charming city for way too long!

No, my lack of excitement came from being incredibly nervous about spending several days with a large group of Icelanders, who I didn’t really know, and who would be of course speaking in Icelandic the whole time.

I was so nervous that I wouldn’t understand anything anyone was saying and that no one would want to talk with me since I spoke English. By the time we landed in Prague I had worked myself up so much I was regretting going on the trip.

Regretting going to Prague, I sound crazy right?!


To say this trip was out of my comfort zone is an understatement. That first day was full of lots of uncomfortable situations for me and several times where I found myself totally lost at what was happening in the conversation. By the end of the day I was completely spent and just wanted to run off on my own for the rest of the trip.

But then H reminded me of my favorite quote…

“life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

And so, the next morning I got up and joined the group for a boat tour or Prague. And you know what, I actually understood most of the conversations! All my worries of feeling left out quickly went away and I finally felt at ease and ready to enjoy the trip.


The rest of our time in Prague has been amazing! The city is beautiful, the food is delicous, and the drinks are cheap, all the makings for a perfect vacation!

There have been a few uncomfortable situations for me, but nothing like what I had worked it up to be in my head. I am so glad that I pushed myself to put myself out there on this trip. Life outside of your comfort zone, that really is where the fun is at!


And now I feel like I need a full week to recover from this vacation. That must mean it was a good one right?! Stay tuned for more Prague fun!

Question of the Day?
Have you ever been in a situation that made you uncomfortable, but was worth it in the end? What is your favorite way to explore a city?

Making My European Dreams Come True

Ever since I have moved to Iceland I have been envious of others living on mainland Europe and their ability to head off for a weekend trip to a different country. I mean how cool does this sound..

“What did you do this weekend?”

“Oh just a quick trip over to Paris.”

Like NBD, just hopped to another country for the weekend. Coming from the states this just sounds like the dream to me! Of course my dream of living in Europe landed me on the the European island a plane ride away from any other country making my weekend jaunts to other countries non-existent thanks to those pricey airlines. But, at last, two years later my European dream has come true.


I am spending the weekend in Prague!

This still just seems like a dream to me, how did I get so lucky in life?! Dreams come true you guys, never give up hope!

So while the Viking and I are off exploring the beautiful Prague I have a little treat for you today, the lovely Amanda from Little Tranquility. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet you are missing out, this girl has some beautiful photography (she is sharing her tips down below!) and I absolutely love her pictures of her trip in Iceland. Take it away Amanda!

Amanda Little Tranquility

1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging back in 2011 after moving from Wisconsin to Washington, DC. I wanted a place to share my photography and document my new life on the East Coast, so I thought a blog would be perfect. It was totally casual and somewhat private for a while until I discovered this amazing blogging community out there in internet land… Then it became addicting and turned into a semi-serious hobby. I loved every minute of it! I took a bit of a break after leaving DC though and lost most of my readers. These things happen! I was just in such a bad place for a while; I couldn’t bring myself to write about anything positive on my blog. BUT, I just started out with a fresh new look and feel in January of this year and I’m pretty excited about how it all panned out. The blogging community is ten times bigger than it used to be, but I love that. I’ve discovered so many great new blogs (like yours!) and I think it’s a great place for ladies to connect and share ideas, feelings, adventures, etc. :)

2. You moved to Seattle from Wisconsin a few years ago (yay Pacific Northwest!). What is your favorite thing about living in Seattle?

​I didn’t think I’d love Seattle as much as I do now when I first moved out here. Before moving back to Wisconsin, I lived in DC for a little over a year and I just loved that city so much, I wasn’t sure anything could top it. I didn’t know what to expect when I moved to the PNW. I went from the flatlands of Wisconsin to the big city of DC to the mountains of Seattle. So many changes in scenery! Seattle is so beautiful and I’m still not over the mountains and views here. I was never an outdoorsy person until I moved here and now I’m a rock climber! It’s funny how that happens. I don’t miss the Wisconsin winters at all and absolutely love the PNW climate. I know people think it rains here all the time, but it just isn’t true!

3.Not only have you lived all over the USA you have fit some international travels in too! What is one destination you would love to revisit?

​I went to Qatar a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I really love the Middle East and definitely want to see more of it. ​I also want to revisit Iceland because it’s just so wonderful!

Amanda Little Tranqulitiy

4. You take some stunning pictures. Any photography tips for us newbies out there?

​Thank you! I love playing with different settings​. That’s honestly the best way to learn. Knowing what settings to use for different lighting makes such a difference!

5. What is one piece of advice you would tell someone who wants to move someone new but is a bit scared to make the jump?

​Just do it! It’s so much easier than you think it’s going to be, and you won’t regret it. I promise. Plus, think of all the cool stories you’ll have​ to tell. :)

6. Last spring you took a trip to Iceland, (which I loved following along with), what was your favorite place you visited? Anything about​ ​Iceland that surprised you?​

I loved Seljalandsfoss waterfall​ and the Blue Lagoon! ​But really, it’s hard to pick a favorite since all of Iceland is so gorgeous. I loved the grey and greens! I’d say one thing that surprised me was the amount of graffiti I saw in Reykjavik. I had no idea!

Amanda Little Tranqulitiy

7. Before you go tell us three of your favorite posts that you think everyone needs to read!

​Hmm, let’s see… I think my rock climbing post from Eastern Washington mostly because of how pretty that side of the state is!My post from the Skogar Folk Museum in Iceland because of those cute little homes​. :) And my Utah post because Salt Lake City is so beautiful.


Make sure to head over and say hi to Amanda over at Little Tranquility! And if you want to get keep up with the Viking and I’s Prague adventure follow along on snapchat at kiki10 and of course I am going to be updating all the fun over on Instagram!

Question of the Day?
Have you been to Prague? What must do/eats/see should we fit in while we are here?